What do people do when they wanna download something, say, an mp3? Here are some possible answers:

* Visit those supposedly "free mp3" sites and click from page to page till they reach the payment page.
* Use a file-sharing program like Limewire and get their systems infected with adware, spyware, and malware.
* spend the whole day voting on warez sires when they should be downloading something.

You can try any of the above if you can't find the file using the below method:

1. goto google.com

2. on the search bar type this stuff. Don't worry, it's not as confounded as it looks;)

intitle:index of?filetype keywords

replacing the 'filetype' with the format of the file you want and 'keywords' with umm well, ..the keywords!

3. The results page appears, out of which a few are of special interest to you. Open the pages that have titles like "Index of /mp3/" , "Index of /users/abc/media/", etc.
These are index pages of FTP servers from where you can download files directly, at high speeds!

an index page looks somewhat like this:

Explore the index as you would normally in Windows Explorer.
To Download a file, right click the file and select 'Save Target As'.
and the file starts downloading!
You can even use your favorite Download manager to make your downloads go at warp speed!

To make matters simple, let's take an example. Say you want a song, 'trust' by megadeth.. (this is one of my all time favs:)

so this is what the search query will look like:

intitle:index of?mp3 megadeth trust

that's it! so simple huh? Or if ain't, there are always some sites made especially for the lazy, like me:)

try g2p (short for Google 2 Person)

if it's music that you want, this site will work like a charm:

well then have a good time downloooooading (i.e downloading the google way :D )


da da said...

I've been finding free media this way for years. Also, for the most part, they are not FTP servers, they are often html, if that matters. Note that commercial sites are on to this now, so avoid those copy cats. Look at the URL address for commercial names like mp3free or getmusic. You can also use more Google modifiers to narrow your search, like this: "PUT TITLE HERE" intitle:index.of mp3 -playlist -lyrics -torrent -"chello broadband entertainment" -Copyright -mp3s.pl -lister.pl -1k -dj -search -spider

mantiz said...

hey dude,
thanks for the informative comment.. and thanks for pointing out the mistake. i tried your method and it filtered out most of the unwanted sites. rock on:)

da da said...

Here's a google search string for movies and TV: intitle:index.of +”last modified” +”parent directory” [vid] avi 699m 700m 701m OR 357m OR 358m OR 359m OR s1e01 OR 1x01 OR s01e01 OR eztv OR axxo

da da said...

Oops like this (forgot some ORs): intitle:index.of +”last modified” +”parent directory” [vid] avi 699m OR 700m 701m OR 357m OR 358m OR 359m OR s1e01 OR 1x01 OR s01e01 OR eztv OR axxo >>> But that's the idea, and use "-" like this: -lecture to take out things you don't want. When you find a spammy site, try to find any word unique on it and put it in your string like this: -buy -"click here"

da da said...

I did it again, THIS IS IT: intitle:index.of +”last modified” +”parent directory” [vid] avi 699m OR 700m OR 701m OR 357m OR 358m OR 359m OR s1e01 OR 1x01 OR s01e01 OR eztv OR axxo >> and find sites like this >>> http://nait.kec.cz/aaa/ >>> http://incoming.torrents.matthew.bloch.tv/Doctor%20Who%20-%20Peter%20Davison/ >>> >>> enjoy.....

da da said...

Here's a real good one I found: http://coolerguy.eu/Downloads/ >>> OK, so that's that, just to show you how well this works. Note that when many people find such sites, the bandwidth gets sucked and they may close down, so search and be quick, use a download manager, I use Firefox and DownThemAll, works great for me. CYA

mantiz said...

great! i use IDM (Internet Download Manager) and just use the 'Download all links' feature. btw dude, please leave your link here so i can check out your blog/site sometime..

da da said...

Hey Mantiz, I'm here > http://limboinmetropolis.blogspot.com