There's just too much hype these days about those 'Get-Paid-To' sites.. Ofcourse, it the idea of getting rich from such a thing as the internet looks enticing for average guy. But the question is, does this work?
Well, personally i think it is possible to make money off the internet. But the amount of money you make off it depends on the amount of work you're willing to do.

Basically, there are a few ways to make money online, such as:
paid to click, paid to read, etc. - In these sites, you get paid to read and click on ads. Personally, it's my least favourite way of makin money online. the pay rate is very low, and you gotta view many ads to make even one cent. Not worth the work i say..

paid to sign up, paid to complete offers- Here you can get paid to complete offers and sign up for offers

Paid to post - Get paid for posting on forums, but people have made it 'paid to spam' by posting useless comments.

now comes my favourite,

make money blogging / with a website- This is the best way to make money these days. Since i love it a lot to talk about it, I will post about it in a separate post.

Feel free to explore any of these kinds of programs but beware of scams. Some ways of recognizing scams can be found in THIS POST. I really recommend the 'Make money with your website' thingy. There are people making huge money off their website. HERE is a guide to making money from your website or blog.
happy earning:)

1. you believe in santa claus.
2. you don't believe in santa claus.
3. you are santa claus.
4. you look like santa claus :D

Whoa! Whoa!
What a year 2008 is gonna be for metal!
so many good works expected, and that too, from some of the best bands of all time.
Well, enough talkin, let me list a few of the notable releases that are gonna be this year..

Metallica- The biggest expected act of 2008 is the upcoming studio album of metallica. The gods of heavy metal haven't been producing spectacular works since master of puppets (maybe except &justice for all).. So this looks like another chance for the american heavy metal band to return to past glory (the ' Master of Puppets' era ) and not be a whiney rock band. Well, let's wait n see, shall we..

Testament- Another great expectation this time from the thrash metal icons Testament. Looks like thrash is back for good after all! The world is in need for shredders and Testament are gonna deliver.. golly. i can't wait!

Opeth- Mr. Akerfeldt is back with a new studio album, this time under the label of RoadRunner Records. The album titled 'WaterShed' is gonna be out soon, and is to feature some pretty good experimentation, mainly with vocals.. Opeth has always had a sound of their own, and i have a feeling that this one ain't gonna disappoint either.. can't wait!!

Children of Bodom- That's right! My favourite melodeath band of all time is back with a new studio album.. titled 'BloodDrunk'. Two tracks off this album are already out, and they're pretty good i say! Sounds more like old school Bodoms, a welcome move for the hate crew (that's us, fans :) .. Check out the new track 'Banned from heaven' , a really cool track with a sad note to it, with sweet guitars, as always!

Well, these are the top metal albums i'm looking forward to.. There are more upcoming releases, but I'm not posting them here.. Feel free to comment and talk about em here:)

NetDisaster - Destroy the web!

Sunday, March 2

so you hate this confounded little site so much that you would even go to the extent of learning hacking to take it down? Well, it takes time and pain to make a hacker, and besides, hacking is not very appreciated these days.., so what you do now?
Thanks to this incredibly useful online tool, it's now possible to destroy your least favourite websites! Laugh your heart out while you watch the wretched web pages smolder away before you *evil
Net Disaster is a simple website where you can make your wildest fantasies come true.. (NOT for the faintest of heart!!)
just do this:

on the text box type in the name of the site you want to destroy
choose an attack
choose control method
click 'go'

that's it! You'll be amazed at the multitude of attacks available on the site. a few popular ones are worms, wasps, bloody gun, puke. pee, dog poop, etc just to name a few. And the best part is that some attacks even come with sounds so it'll be double the fun!
still reading? I wouldn't be if I were you!!

now i'm sure that when i say these, i speak for the whole community of metalheads;
We all remember that time, before rock.. then it struck one day, leaving us all dazed and confused!
What followed was the golden age of rock and metal music, when the gods of metal struck, rocking the fuck outta us all, and we thought that metal was here to stay.. now, are we being proved wrong?
well, if you ask me, we are being.. but we can prove that metal is truly here to stay.. If we get off our lazy asses and stand up for true talent, metal will soon return to it's mighty form.
so here is a small piece of advice, there are metal bands of all kinds out there, some are better than others, but that doesn't mean the rest should be booed off the scene.. support them all, metal needs alot of support these days.
you remember that time when metal ruled? when true talent was appreciated? when those stupid rap and hiphop tracks didn't populate the charts from number one through forty? well, we can bring them back!
just stay faithful to metal and support all of them good metallers out there.
\m/ stay metal \m/

Let the music play!

People have asked me, 'do you like music?'.
I always reply, 'no, I don't...
....I love it!'
But lately, I find myself mouthing a better reply;
'I live it!'

So tell me, just how is it possible for an audiophile like me not to pen down my music here? it's not.

Well, coming to music, i'm a true metalhead. But not one of the purist type, so I'm broad-minded enough to appreciate most kinds of music (can't stand pop though !)

Favourite genres include good old plain thrash metal, my personal fav melodic death metal, the much despised nu-metal, and even any metal song that has enough metal to bang my head to!
So, this is the kind of music you'll read about here., be warned!

Not into metal? Don't worry, I can get quite emotional at times.. So there'll be something on the mellow side too. sometimes.

What the hell with all the genres, right? Whatever music I share here, I ain't gonna bash anything, no nitpicking on genres..
'cause you know, if you listen to a piece of music and it makes you feel good, then it's good music ;)

Rock on fellas!

What do people do when they wanna download something, say, an mp3? Here are some possible answers:

* Visit those supposedly "free mp3" sites and click from page to page till they reach the payment page.
* Use a file-sharing program like Limewire and get their systems infected with adware, spyware, and malware.
* spend the whole day voting on warez sires when they should be downloading something.

You can try any of the above if you can't find the file using the below method:

1. goto

2. on the search bar type this stuff. Don't worry, it's not as confounded as it looks;)

intitle:index of?filetype keywords

replacing the 'filetype' with the format of the file you want and 'keywords' with umm well, ..the keywords!

3. The results page appears, out of which a few are of special interest to you. Open the pages that have titles like "Index of /mp3/" , "Index of /users/abc/media/", etc.
These are index pages of FTP servers from where you can download files directly, at high speeds!

an index page looks somewhat like this:

Explore the index as you would normally in Windows Explorer.
To Download a file, right click the file and select 'Save Target As'.
and the file starts downloading!
You can even use your favorite Download manager to make your downloads go at warp speed!

To make matters simple, let's take an example. Say you want a song, 'trust' by megadeth.. (this is one of my all time favs:)

so this is what the search query will look like:

intitle:index of?mp3 megadeth trust

that's it! so simple huh? Or if ain't, there are always some sites made especially for the lazy, like me:)

try g2p (short for Google 2 Person)

if it's music that you want, this site will work like a charm:

well then have a good time downloooooading (i.e downloading the google way :D )