*disgruntled metalhead!

Sunday, March 2

now i'm sure that when i say these, i speak for the whole community of metalheads;
We all remember that time, before rock.. then it struck one day, leaving us all dazed and confused!
What followed was the golden age of rock and metal music, when the gods of metal struck, rocking the fuck outta us all, and we thought that metal was here to stay.. now, are we being proved wrong?
well, if you ask me, we are being.. but we can prove that metal is truly here to stay.. If we get off our lazy asses and stand up for true talent, metal will soon return to it's mighty form.
so here is a small piece of advice, there are metal bands of all kinds out there, some are better than others, but that doesn't mean the rest should be booed off the scene.. support them all, metal needs alot of support these days.
you remember that time when metal ruled? when true talent was appreciated? when those stupid rap and hiphop tracks didn't populate the charts from number one through forty? well, we can bring them back!
just stay faithful to metal and support all of them good metallers out there.
\m/ stay metal \m/