Let the music play!

Sunday, March 2

People have asked me, 'do you like music?'.
I always reply, 'no, I don't...
....I love it!'
But lately, I find myself mouthing a better reply;
'I live it!'

So tell me, just how is it possible for an audiophile like me not to pen down my music here? it's not.

Well, coming to music, i'm a true metalhead. But not one of the purist type, so I'm broad-minded enough to appreciate most kinds of music (can't stand pop though !)

Favourite genres include good old plain thrash metal, my personal fav melodic death metal, the much despised nu-metal, and even any metal song that has enough metal to bang my head to!
So, this is the kind of music you'll read about here., be warned!

Not into metal? Don't worry, I can get quite emotional at times.. So there'll be something on the mellow side too. sometimes.

What the hell with all the genres, right? Whatever music I share here, I ain't gonna bash anything, no nitpicking on genres..
'cause you know, if you listen to a piece of music and it makes you feel good, then it's good music ;)

Rock on fellas!