There's just too much hype these days about those 'Get-Paid-To' sites.. Ofcourse, it the idea of getting rich from such a thing as the internet looks enticing for average guy. But the question is, does this work?
Well, personally i think it is possible to make money off the internet. But the amount of money you make off it depends on the amount of work you're willing to do.

Basically, there are a few ways to make money online, such as:
paid to click, paid to read, etc. - In these sites, you get paid to read and click on ads. Personally, it's my least favourite way of makin money online. the pay rate is very low, and you gotta view many ads to make even one cent. Not worth the work i say..

paid to sign up, paid to complete offers- Here you can get paid to complete offers and sign up for offers

Paid to post - Get paid for posting on forums, but people have made it 'paid to spam' by posting useless comments.

now comes my favourite,

make money blogging / with a website- This is the best way to make money these days. Since i love it a lot to talk about it, I will post about it in a separate post.

Feel free to explore any of these kinds of programs but beware of scams. Some ways of recognizing scams can be found in THIS POST. I really recommend the 'Make money with your website' thingy. There are people making huge money off their website. HERE is a guide to making money from your website or blog.
happy earning:)