This year in metal : a preview!

Monday, March 3

Whoa! Whoa!
What a year 2008 is gonna be for metal!
so many good works expected, and that too, from some of the best bands of all time.
Well, enough talkin, let me list a few of the notable releases that are gonna be this year..

Metallica- The biggest expected act of 2008 is the upcoming studio album of metallica. The gods of heavy metal haven't been producing spectacular works since master of puppets (maybe except &justice for all).. So this looks like another chance for the american heavy metal band to return to past glory (the ' Master of Puppets' era ) and not be a whiney rock band. Well, let's wait n see, shall we..

Testament- Another great expectation this time from the thrash metal icons Testament. Looks like thrash is back for good after all! The world is in need for shredders and Testament are gonna deliver.. golly. i can't wait!

Opeth- Mr. Akerfeldt is back with a new studio album, this time under the label of RoadRunner Records. The album titled 'WaterShed' is gonna be out soon, and is to feature some pretty good experimentation, mainly with vocals.. Opeth has always had a sound of their own, and i have a feeling that this one ain't gonna disappoint either.. can't wait!!

Children of Bodom- That's right! My favourite melodeath band of all time is back with a new studio album.. titled 'BloodDrunk'. Two tracks off this album are already out, and they're pretty good i say! Sounds more like old school Bodoms, a welcome move for the hate crew (that's us, fans :) .. Check out the new track 'Banned from heaven' , a really cool track with a sad note to it, with sweet guitars, as always!

Well, these are the top metal albums i'm looking forward to.. There are more upcoming releases, but I'm not posting them here.. Feel free to comment and talk about em here:)