Free GPRS on Airtel Using Airtel Live Settings

Monday, June 30

If you are an Airtel customer, then you can enjoy GPRS on your mobile phone for free!
Here's how:

Make sure you have Airtel Live settings activated. If you don't have the settings, call up a customer service executive on 121 and ask them to send you the settings.

Your mobile should support java application installation for this trick.
If it does, then..
Download the TeaShark Browser by clicking HERE.
Install TeaShark in your mobile phone.
Make sure you have selected 'Airtel Live' as the active internet profile for java applications.
Just enter any url in teashark and watch it load immediately, this thing is fast!
..and the best thing is that this is absolutely free! enjoy it while it is:)

Scar Symmetry - Holographic Universe

Monday, June 23

Melodic Death Metal never sounded so good!

Scar Symmetry is a melodeath band hailing from Sweden.
"Holographic Universe"is their third studio album after "Symmetric in design" and "Pitch Black Progress". After giving a brief listen to "Holographic Universe", I can only say one thing, they are an extremely promising act
Seriously, the songwriting has the quality of "Fate's Warning" or even "At The Gates"! This band was undoubtedly inspired by the Gothenburg metal scene, but rises much above most of the melodeath wannabes that belong to the same.
Christian alvestam, the vocalist, is extremely talented. His growls are no less than deep and ferocious, but when he switches to singing, it is remarkably clear and mellow. These combined with the smooth guitar solos and highly rhythmic drumming shows how much the band has progressed since 'Pitch Black Progress'. The guitar solos are no serious fretwork, but they are powerful enough to melt a rock.
Scar Symmetry achieves with this album a sound that is perfectly balanced between Melodic and Death Metal sides. Seriously, you can't be surprised if they start playing Scar symmetry in the radio!
Song titles like 'Morphogenesis', 'Timewave Zero', 'Artificial Sun Projection', etc. can get you to think what these guys are actually upto.. but after all, it's good to hear a metal act go on about stuff like that, than complain about god or throw random insults and do bitchy music.

I highly recommend that you listen to this album. It's epic, and I have a feeling that these melodies are gonna be remembered for a long time. It's pure musical genius!

Guitar Tabs :

I couldn't find many, but here are the few I found:

Scar Symmetry Guitar Tabs @ Ultimate-Guitar.
Scar symmetry Guitar Tabs @

Once you have built a good readership to your blog, you can start making some money from it.
It's always a good idea to start with...

Google AdSense :

The most loved Advertising Program of Bloggers. The reason is that Adsense doesn't have any big requirements to be met by your site/blog to begin using it. If you have a Google Account, things can get ridiculously simple!
you can login at Adsense with your google Account. (If you don't have one, create one. You're gonna use it alot!).
Once you have logged in, submit your blog using the form. It may take some time to get it approved.
After your blog is Approved, you can get code for Adsense that you can copy onto your blog. But an easier method will be to add Addsense to your pages using the 'Add/Remove Page elements' page from Blogger.
Adsense can make you alot of money if you display your ads in an effective way. Try to make visitors click the ads (But don't overdo it, your readers may turn hostile!). Also, never attempt any malpractice such as trying to click your own ads! It will get you banned immediately, and you will lose all your earnings!
You can cash out at 100$, when Google will send you a cheque.

A service that is similar to Adsense which is closest to being that good is..

Bidvertiser :

A site very similar to Adsense, except that the rates are abit low. But the best thing is that The Minimum Payout level is just 10$, that can be easily reached. They pay by PayPal, which is another advantage. Click Here to join

These are the best advertising tools you can use when your blog is developing. Once it is full blown, with a steady amount of traffic, you can try other methods. I will post about them later.

For now, keep bloggin'!

These are General Techniques that ensure traffic to your blog. Try to implement as many of them as you can, and as often as you can.

Rule #1 in blogging : Content is the King!
This is the most important Rule. No other technique will be effective unless you have content in your blog. You don't visit empty pages, do you? A blog which is rich in content has great chances of getting traffic from search engines alone.

This one is quite obvious. Try to make your blog posts as interesting as possible. You will eventually develop a style of your own. This will make your visitors want to come back to your blog again and again.
Not convinced? Check out this blog The Sneeze . Notice the style Steve (the author) uses. It makes you wanna go back there and read some more sometime right?

Try to post often. If possible, post daily. Blogs with fresh content are loved by search engines.

Make sure you are making use of the RSS feed of your blog. This will help you build a good readership. Use a site like FeedBurner for best results.

Make use of Social Bookmarking sites like Technorati, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc.

Comment on other posts related to the theme of your blog. Inward links to your blog count alot.
If you use any forum sites, make sure you include your blog's link in your signature with some catchy text!

If you can, try to employ some common SEO techniques. Do some googling and find out how. I'll post a tutorial on it later.

Done. Now we move on to : Monetizing Your Blog

This is a simple tutorial I am Writing on How to Make Money Blogging.

I will try to keep this brief and systematic. In Fact, most of these will be Step-by-step guides that even a newbie can understand and implement. If You are quite new to Blogging, try to follow this in the correct order and you should be making money from your blog in a short while.

Bookmark this page by pressing CTRL + D


01. Introduction to Blogging

02. How to Set Up a Blog

03. Customizing Your blogger Blog

04. How To Get Lots of Traffic

05. How to Monetize Your Blog by Displaying Ads

07. Customizing Your Blog Further : Templates, Gadgets, Widgets, etc.

... more tutorials to be added!

Here's how to make your Blog on look more interesting by adding various gasgets and page elements to it.

First, In your blogger page, Click on 'Layout' to bring up a page where you can add and rearrange page elements.

In This page you can add some page elements to all of your blog's pages. I recommend the following Ones:

Blog archive : lists your blog posts in chronological order. Helps the readers, as well as helps in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
Labels : Displays a list of the Labels/Keywords you have used in your Blog posts. This is useful for categorising posts. For example, on the sidebar of this blog you can find the page element 'Categories', which is nothing but a 'Labels' element that I added.
Adsense : Helps you make money by displaying relevant ads on your blog. More on this can be read Here. Add a Google Search Bar to your Blog, it helps alot.

You may also experiment with other page elements as you wish. 'Poll' and 'Video Bar' are ways to make your blog more interactive. But make sure you don't make your pages too cluttered.

AddThis : This is a handy little gadget very useful for letting your readers add your blog as favrite at sites like Technorati, Dig, Reddit, etc. Goto to get it for your blog.

You can add code snippets for other gadgets by choosing the page element 'HTML/JavaScript' in the layout page.

Done Pepping up your blog?

Let's move on to : Getting lots of Traffic

Ok, so you got an idea what Blogs are. If not, click here for a quick primer.

How to set up a Blog.

Just Like in the case of websites, there are two choices in setting up a blog:

* Paid Hosting : You register a domain name for your blog, Host it somewhere, install a free third party blogging software like wordpress, and start posting.

* Free hosting : There are alot of free blog hosting services out there. The best free one is undoubtedly Blogger. You can create your blog here for free.

If you are a beginner, I suggest that you use a free blogging service like Blogger. Here's how to set up a blog with Blogger, step-by-step.

Setting Up a Blog With Blogger

* Direct your browser to

* Sign in with your Google Account. If you don't have one, create one. You're gonna use it alot!

This takes you to the 'Dashboard' Screen.

The Dashboard lists all your blogs, and also allows you to create new blogs.

* Click 'Create a Blog'.

* Name your Blog.

* Choose a Template.

* So now your blog has been created! Click on 'Start Posting' to start posting in your blog.

So you have created your Blog. If you Want to Make people come to your blog, you should pep it up. So,

Next up : Customizing Your Blogger blog.

This is the first part of the Simple Tutorial I plan on writing about Making money blogging.
This one gives a quick intro to the little things we love, called blogs...

You know what a blog is, right? If not, you should have been living in some deep well so far. Don't worry though, I'm here to lend a helping hand:)

A blog is very much like a person's diary. If you have a blog, you post in it regularly about your interests, pastimes, and even personal experiences. There are blogs of all kinds in the internet.

If you are new to blogs and are planning to start one, I highly suggest that you check out some blogs before you start Blogging. Technorati and Digg are great sources for discovering new and cool blogs.

A blog is very similar to a website, except that a blog is more regularly updated. For this reason, search engines love blogs! This is very important in generating traffic.

Ok, that's it for a quick primer on blogging.

Now, let's move on to : How to Set Up a Blog

I wrote on an earlier post about the PowerTab software. It is a very useful tool for the beginner guitarist in learning new songs. But now I don't use PowerTab anymore, because I've found out a better software that's much neater than PowerTab.
GuitarPRO is a software for creating and playing guitar tabs. Let me say this first, the only problem with this handy little tool is that it is not free. I am currently using it in the evaluation period and it seems quite nice. I'd happily buy it, had I any money in my PayPal account:(
The nicest feature with GuitarPRO is that you can have as many tracks in a song as you want. For example, if you are tabbing a song, you can have seperate tracks for Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, Bass guitar, Percussion, and even Voice! The array of instruments available will surely blow anyone's mind away. They sound way better than PowerTab in which even Death Metal Tracks sounded like the Super Mario theme. The Realistic Sound Engine (RSE) (available only in full version!) enhances this greatly.
And GuitarPRO can open PowerTab (.ptb) files aswell!
If you are learning a new song, say the rhythm section, you can select that track only and learn as you play. This is way neater than PowerTab where things always appear cluttered. You can even reduce the tempo in real-time, so that it will be easier to play along.
And now for the tabs themselves, there seems to be no shortage for GP tabs on the internet. As always, Ultimate-Guitar is a great source.
This tool is so good that I am learning a new song every 2 or 3 days these days. On weekends, it's a song a day! If you are having a hard time figuring out how to play some songs, go ahead and try this one.

Disturbed released their newest studio album on June 3rd, and it's called:

"Indestructible" (hope I spelled that right!)

This album
Track Listing:

01 Indestructible
02 Inside the Fire
03 Deceiver
04 The Night
05 Perfect Insanity
06 Haunted
07 Enough
08 The Curse
09 Torn
10 Criminal
11 Divide
12 Facade

I haven't listened to the album for long enough to write a review. But on first listen, it appears pretty cool, infact, it's great!
Disturbed manages to maintain their signature sound, truly exploiting Draiman's vocal skills as always. However, Donegan has thrown in a few solos that sound cool. This makes one actually wonder if Disturbed is veering more toward the thrash metal avenue.. If they are, I more than welcome it.
I really like the single 'Inside the Fire', sounds cool. Be sure to check it out.

Adjusting the exposure time of your camera can yield some amazing results.
For instance, watch me play guitar at warp speed! (No, that's not nine fingers, I'm playing so fast that it just looks like nine).
I know it is a camera trick, but looking at it really makes me feel better about my playing:)

A couple of pics off my camera. This is Fort Kochi, glimmering in the setting sun.. The Chinese Fishing Nets are still used by most fishermen here for.. well, fishing.
If you happen to visit Kerala anytime, be sure to check out this place.

This funny little thing turned up yesterday in my washroom, wearing shades.. Looks pretty harmless (though it was half the fize of my fist!)
Guess what, the hunk even posed for a photo, ...before he became one with the wall (and one of my sandals) :D

The Sneeze!

Here's a fun blog that I love to read. It isn't regularly updated anymore, but there is a huge archive of posts there that is more fun than a barrel of monkeys!
The Sneeze!

Metallica has been one of the greatest heavy metal bands of all time. But now they are also one of the most hated bands of all time. Take any metal-related forum and you're sure to see a thread or two featuring the fans and haters in an ongoing exchange of words. Most of it is centred around Metallica being 'Sell-outs' since 'The Black Album' of 1991, the well-known Napster controversy, and also people who hate good ol' Tallica for no reason at all!

Ofcourse I too felt bad when Metallica departed from their classic sound. And I happen to be such a fan of Megadeth and consider Dave Mustaine (minus the ego) as my idol. But still I respect Metallica for all the great music they've made.

Here is a conversation I found on a forum ( :


Anton_LaVey : "your right thay are the most overated band ever, music is easy to play and they are boring as hell but for some reason people like them."

Personally, I think both these guys are fucking retards. If you can play a song on your guitar sitting in your bedroom, that doesn't mean the song's crappy. Go get a fuckin life!

So now to the subject...

Metallica's Back! Their 9-th studio album is gonna be out this September and it's been christened :

"Death Magnetic"

Pretty cool name for a metal record, I think.
If you don't think it's good enough, try saying it a few times or get some friends to tell it a few times to you aloud. It will surely grow on you. Btw, what's in a name, huh?

So what does this title mean?
Death Metal? No, we've had "Creeping Death" before.
I think the album will have a track with the name "Death Magnetic" on it.

Anyway, you cannot tell if a name is befitting ir not unless you actualy listen to the music. I find myself wishing September came early this year!

Why? Because Metallica has released a video about the upcoming album, and in that there is this awesome riff that reminds me of the Old Metallica, especially of the "...And Justice For All" era. This really gives me some high hopes concerning Death Magnetic.
2008 surely has been an eventful year for Metal. First the Bodoms, then Opeth, and now this! Plus, I've heard that Testament is working on a new album too. Omg, what more could a metalhead ask for!

Hitch your browser here for more Metallica: Mission : Metallica

Paid Blogging has been the talk of the blogosphere for some time now. If you read blogs alot, you might have seen a banner reading "Hire Me" in many of them. Welcome to the world of PayPerPost.

So, what is this PayPerPost thingy?
PayPerPost is a program that allows advertisers to promote their websites, products and services. Bloggers can review the products and services of these advertisers through PPP and get paid for it. Thus it benefits both the Advertiser and the Blogger.

How did you find out about this site?
I read about it in a blog about making money by blogging. I wanted to sign up at once and start making money right away. But my blog was quite new, so I couldn't register my blog. So I waited for a while, and submitted it. Now they have approved it and I'm already writing my first post, that is this one!

How can I make money with PayPerPost as a Blogger?
Bloggers can sign up with PPP and register their blogs. The only requirements for a blog to be approved are that it should be more than 90 days old and should be free from profanity. Once a blog is approved, bloggers can start taking opportunities and writing immediately.
The best thing about PPP is that your first post can be about PPP itself. You can do this right away after your blog has been approved, and your blog doesn't have to meet any more requirements to take this opportunity. And you get paid $20 for your first post!
Most opportunities pay from $5 - $10 if your blog is not too popular. This is not too bad, right? But if your blog has a good pagerank and a decent amount of traffic, this amount can go up by scores!

Why should I Join PPP?
PayPerPost has become the favourite Paid Blogging service of most bloggers, helping them make a steady income from this site alone. You too can take advantage of this great program by registering your blog with PPP right away.

Is it reliable?
Ofcourse! I did some research before joining and found out that it pays its members on time. Just make sure you follow the rules and blog ethics , and they'll surely accept your post. The business model is sustainable and you can be sure that you will be paid for your work. I can't say more on this at the moment because this is my first post for them. I'll post updates here on whether I get paid or not.

Ok, so how do I join PayPerPost?
Simple, just direct your browser!

Here are some links to find resources for your Sony Ericsson mobile phone.

Themes, Wallpapers, Screensavers :
Lasyk is the best website I can recommend for downloading free themes, wallpapers, and screensavers for your SE mobile. This site also has a few games and applications. The best things are the themes and walls ofcourse, you can find a wallpaper of almost everything in this site.If you have a k750, goto . If you have a k800 goto . You get the idea now?

General info and help : is a site that is rich is resources for SE fanboys (I'm one myself!). Here you can find the latest news, rumors about upcoming models, a lot of useful links, etc. There is a really good Forum that can be a good source of info. If you wanna modify your mobile a little, be sure to check out the forum. With the help of this forum I've modded my k750 beyond recognition:)
Esato is another SE-related site. The forum has been around for some time, which means that it is quite content-rich.
TopSony forums is another forum site rich in info. There seem to be quite a few experts in this site.

Related post : Free content for Nokia mobiles.

Looking for mobile phone content? Here are some helpful links where you can find them at no cost.
If you have a Sony Ericsson mobile phone, Lasyk can be a good source of content. In addition to themes, this site also has tons of wallpapers, screensavers, and quite a few games and applications. There's a dedicated section for each phone. Say, if you have a k750, just direct your browser to . If it's a w800, just goto . As simple as that. Try looking in at Esato for more SE stuff.
Zedge provides themes for all mobiles including nokia, SE, etc.
Mobimaza has many categories of goodies for your phone. The games section is especially rich.
Another good site is mobile9.

Well, that's all for now. I'll post more links later.

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There is alot of really good literature on the internet. Here is one that has I've been reading lately. 'Guitargasm' is an ongoing novel by Nolan whyte. This can be a pleasure to read, especially if you love music, and a heck more if you play or make music!
You can find all of his works including Guitargasm right here.

What do you do when you wanna learn a new song on your guitar?
Here's what I used to do:
I goto a good guitar tabs site (like Ultimate-Guitar or GuitarMasta) and do a search for the song's tab. After fishing out the one I need, I sit down with my guitar in my lap trying to find out how to play the freaking song (unless it is an easy song). Reason: as you all know, online guitar tabs doesn't indicate rhythm so you gotta figure it out yourself.
But now, here's what I do:
I goto UG, do a search for the song, download a PowerTab for the song, and after a few minutes I'm jamming along to the notes I'm hearing on the computer. Welcome to the world of PowerTabs.
PowerTabs are special tab files that you use with the PowerTab software. The software can play PowerTab files ( .ptb files) that you can find on the internet. It doesn't sound too great, considering it plays using midi, but what the heck its damn useful in learning a new song.I'm not saying too much about this software now, you gotta use it to love it! Download it here for free.

Wanna learn programming? Just googling 'VB tutorials'or 'C programming tutorials'can bring up a zillion results. The sad fact is that most of these sites does not have tutorials written with the absolute beginner in mind, and some others will be composed almost entirely of advertisements. But here is one site that provides quality programming tutorials for all kinds of people, either beginners or seasoned programmers looking to learn a new language.
W3Schools ( is a site that has alot of tutorials on alot of programming languages. There is everything from system programming to web programming. These tutorials are absolutely free of cost ( So says their motto : "The best things in life are free")! There are tutorials with lots of examples, exercises and explanations. Also, the site provides tables of all functions and procedures so you can make your programming real spicy. Be sure to check it out if you wanna do some serious coding.

BitTorrent Tutorial

This is a simple tutorial that explains how to download files using BitTorrent.

The easiest way to download anything today is to use BitTorrent. Be it Music, E-books, Movies, Games, etc. sure there will be a torrent for it in the web.

You need a BitTorrent Client application to download files from the BitTorrent network. Get the official BitTorrent Client HERE. But I recommend you to use a more user-friendly client like µTorrent that is more tweakable.

Once you have downloaded the client application and installed it, you are ready to start downloading.
First get a .torrent file (file with a .torrent extension) for the thing you want to download.
This you can find by just googling the name of the torrent you're searching for. This .torrent file will be a few KB in size.
Once you have saved the .torrent file, open it using the bitTorrent client.
Choose a destination and it will start downloading the file. As simple as that!
Make sure that you don't just download all the time. Upload at times cause this will be helpful for other users.

Opera Mini - The web on your mobile phone

Friday, June 13

Most people use their mobiles to access the internet today. It's a good thing that you can be connected on the move. But browsing the web on the mobile's small screen and keypad can get quite tiresome. Plus, most phones have built-in browser software that cannot handle web pages, or even larger WAP pages. One solution to this is to use a third party browser software, if you mobile is Java-enabled. And coming to third party browsers, undoubtedly the best is Opera
Opera Mini is released by Opera Software, and it pretty much looks like a mobile edition of the opera Browser. The best thing is that it is FREE!
Opera Mini has been the favourite of most mobile users for sometime now (The current version is 4.1). It has gone through major updates through time and in my opinion, the version 4.1 provides the best browsing experience on a mobile phone.
It displays the web pages just as they look on a PC, and also supports such stuff as RSS feeds and CSS. Opera Mini also has typical browser features such as Bookmarks, Feeds, Autocomplete, History, and support for saving web pages and web images. And more features are added with every upgrade.
The input methods make it really easy to use the web. Most sites work perfectly with Opera Mini (Myspace, Orkut, Blogger, etc.). If you have a mobiile phone with GPRS support and are planning to use it to access the web, download it and install it right away.
Get Opera Mini Here!

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Here I am listing down some of the most essential Applications you should have installed on your Java Mobile Phones. Ofcourse, there are very few good applications on the Java platform, and these are some of the best you can find to pep up your phone's functionality.
Here goes:

1. Opera Mini :

Most middle range mobile phones come with native browsers that are no good at browsing websites. Even accessing WAP sites is tiresome on some handsets. Opera mini is the solution to this. Without doubt, it is the best Java based mobile browser around. Read more about the Mini here
Or check out the post where I've compared the major Java Web Browsers HERE.

2. MobyExplorer:

This is a nice File Manager application for java mobiles by Bermin Software. It supports all the basic File Management functions like file copying, moving, compressing, encrypting, etc. But the really useful feature is that MobyExplorer is an excelent FTP client.

Download MobyExplorer

3. FaceWarp : Have some fun with your mobile phone's Camera. Facewarp takes a picture ( a face, for best results), does some 'Warping', and what you get will be something like these:

These are warps from my mobile's camera. Trust me, it's real fun, especially on an exam's eve :D

Download FaceWarp (direct link)

4. JZipMan : This is zipping and unzipping application for Java phones. May not work with all handsets. I find this one especially useful in unzipping files I download off the internet.

Download JZipMan

5. RadioBee :

Listen to internet radio stations on your mobile phone. Ofcourse, many similar applications have been developed for Symbian devices, but for Java phones, RadioBee is the best bet (or 'only bet'!). This software runs smoothly on most phones. It runs perfectly on my sony Ericsson k750i. If your phone has EDGE support, you can get seamless streaming radio.

RadioBee Download Page

6. Mobile GMaps :

That's right, Google Maps has a mobile edition. It is really easy to use and can show you the map of any place on planet earth, and even shows you the imagery of the place from google earth. This is really cool, but be careful if you're on a traffic-based data plan; this application is really data-intensive.

Mobile GMaps Download Page

Update (19/8/08) - Forget Gmaps, go get the all-new Google Maps for Mobile.
PC Download HERE.
or visit from your mobile's WAP Browser.

7. Nimbuzz :
Nimbuzz is a nifty little IM application for your java mobile. It works with all the major networks like Skype, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo, AIM, Jabber and more (ICQ coming soon). The feature set is rather extensive for a j2me IM app, and it includes Free Chat with lots of chatrooms, Free File Sharing, Free 'Buzzing' your friends, and low-cost worldwide calling. Free VOIP call is soon to come.

Alright, go check out these softwares now, especially FaceWarp and MobileGMaps. And install Opera Mini rightaway; it will make you want to use the net on your phone more often. I will post a second part with more juicy software later.

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CellWare : 100% Free Mobile Content!

Opeth - Watershed : A Review.

Saturday, June 7

I posted earlier on this blog about the progressive metal act OPETH bringing out an album in 2008. Well, they did, and guess what, it is brilliant! What follows is a review from the first impressions of ‘WATERSHED’, the new album by Opeth.

Opeth has always had a sound of their own, and they never fail to impress with that unique sound, which is all over this album too.

Watershed starts off with ‘Coil’, the first track. This is a soft, sad-sounding track with Mikael Akerfeld, the frontman, singing in clear vocals. It is easily one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, and it also features female vocals. I had an impression that Watershed would be like opeth’s earlier album ‘Damnation’, which was clear throughout. But I was to be proved wrong.

Heir Apparent’ is a powerful plunge into the Traditional Opeth sound, with Mikael pulling off some of his finest growling, real heavy guitar riffs, psycho double bass drumming, and overwhelming energy. Towards the end, Heir Apparent takes a turn into the melodic lane and ends on an eerie note.

Lotus Eater’, one of my favourite tracks off the album, starts with a low hum by Mikael but soon bursts into raw power. This track has some killer guitar solos in the middle.

Burden’, the next track is one in which Mikael uses clear vocals throughout. A very melancholic track, this can hit you hard even though there ain’t a bit of heaviness in it. The acoustic outro section is priceless!

Porcelain Heart’ is my favourite track from Watershed. It starts with an ominous riff and alternates between Heavy and Melodic sessions. Mikael’s voice is clear throughout and perfectly suits the song’s sound. The acoustic solo is simple but real powerful. In my opinion, Porcelain Heart is flawless, and is something for the band to be proud of for a long long time. Check out the song’s video on Youtube, it’s Wicked!

Hessian Peel’ is the longest track on the album (11:25). It is a powerful progressive track with death-style vocals, heavy riffs, and violent drumming. Obviously it is based on folk music.

Hex Omega’ is the closing track, and it brings out a worthy end to such a marvellous record.

Watershed is one of the best albums of Opeth. I’ve always had great expectations about this album ever since I heard it was coming, and as an Opeth fan I wasn’t disappointed at all. I've been listening to Watershed everyday for a month now, and it's still growing on me.

Opeth has gone through line-up changes, but still has that signature Opeth sound. Mikael is a musical genius and this album just reflects that. Axenrot has done a great job drumming. The lyrics are great, and are more like beautiful little poems. Overall, it’s an album that I recommend you to buy. Go ahead, you won’t be disappointed!

Hi there, here's a fun stuff I found someplace that explains Metal Genres quite 'clearly'. Read and decide where you belong:

An evil dragon has kidnapped a beautiful princess and locked her into the dungeon of his castle. Now it is described how metalheads of the different metal subgenres would rescue the princess as "hero" of the story.

POWER METAL:The hero rides to the castle on a white unicorn, defeats the dragon in an epic battle in a storm on the edge of a huge cliff.Then he rescues the princess and both make love in a magic forest.

THRASH METAL:The hero walks by, kills the dragon, rescues the princess and fucks her.

HEAVY METAL:The hero comes riding on a harley, kills the dragon, drinks some beer and fucks the princess.

FOLK METAL:The hero arrives with some mates who play flute, violin, accordion and some other instruments. They're having a party with lots of beer and mead and make the dragon sleep with their music and with dancing. Then they leave again ... without the princess.

VIKING METAL:The hero arrives in a dragonship, kills the dragon with his mighty greataxe, moults him, rapes the princess to death, steals her possesion and burns the castle before he leaves.

DEATH METAL:The hero arrives, kills the dragon, fucks the princess, kills her and leaves.

BLACK METAL:The hero arrives at midnight, kills the dragon and spears him in front of the castle. Then he rapes the princess, drinks her blood in an unholy ritual, then kills her and spears her next to the dragon.

GORE METAL:The hero arrives, kills the dragon and spreads his bowels all around the castle. Then he fucks the princess, kills her and fucks her corpse again, slices her stomach and eats her bowels and fucks her again.

DOOM METAL:The hero arrives. He sees how big the dragon is and thinks he will never be able to kill him. He falls into a deep depression and commits suicide. The dragon eats him and the princess.

PROGRESSIVE METAL:The hero arrives with a guitar and play a 26 minutes solo!The dragon commits suicide cuz he is so bored.The hero enters the chamber of the beautiful princess and plays another solo in which all his technical ability, which he has perfected during the last years at his music school. The princess runs away and looks for the heavy metal hero.

GLAM METAL:The hero arrives and the dragon laughs himself to death. The hero steals the princess' make-up and decides to paint the castle pink.

NU METAL:The hero arrives in a shabby Honda Civic, trys to fight the dragon but his gay baggy-pants catch fire and he dies.

GRINDCORE:The hero arrives, grunting and growling something unidentifiable and leaves after one minute.

NSBM:The aryan hero arrives yelling 14/88 and looks for the princess. He sends the jewish dragon to a concentration camp. The dragon contacts Israel and the hero is convicted under crimes of racism.

TR00 KVLT BLACK METAL:The hero doesn't show cuz he doesn't want to fight the dragon.

CHRISTIAN/WHITE METAL:The hero prays to god that he will take away this satanic creature. then he tells the princess that they can't have sex before they're married.

FUN/HAPPY METAL:The hero shouts "I am the protector of all nonsense! But ONLY of nonsense!" The dragon kills the hero and the princess laughs her ass off.

So where ya belong?

(footnote: excuse me for the profanity..)

Don't tell me you haven't joined this place yet. Especially so if you are an audiophile and a netizen at the same time... cause then I might have to spank you, :DiLike is one of my newest haunts. Being an audiophile myself, I  spend  almost my whole day listening to music (Yeah I somehow manage to pull that off!). If you suffer from a similar disease, I suggest that you immediately check in  at this place and get help right away. No, this won't allay your sickness, this will only make it go haywire (c'mon, that's what ya want, right?!)When I checked in on this place one day, I had no idea I would become  so intimate with it.. iLike has been helping me discover new music and make friends wth new buds from all over the world who share the same tastes and perversions (!) like me  :PSo  how does this work?First, launch the browser software in your computer. If you can't find it, look around: It will be an 'e' or an  'O' or an 'N' lying somewhere on the desktop (O in my case). I've heard that some people even have fox hugging a globe, but i'm yet to see one of that kind.So you got your  browser up and running... now try to locate the address bar. Now, this can be tricky! One trick is to move the  arrow thingy around until it changes into an I, there you click and type in the addy "", and there you go, things start appearing out of nowhere.,...Alright, enough gay talk!If you read all that crap up above, sorry, you walked right into it.!Thing is, iLike  is one cool site that has become one of my major haunts lately.  It's a social Networking site that you can join and start making friend right away who have similar musical tastes as you. So, apply the lessons you've learnt from the latest social networking trands: Sign-up and start spicing up your profile. iLike  displays a buncha artists to you and you get to select which all you  like. Don't worry, they got everything from  Spice Girls to Slayer.After you are done with your profile, you are presented with other users who are into the same kinda music as you are.  Just add away!You can later do things to your friends, like chatting to them, calling names, sending hate-mails,  etc. - the usual stuff.
One thing I love about iLike is the way they keep me updated on my favorite artists. I get to know when alexi Laiho decides to try out a new solo.. they inform immediately when Dave Mustaine scribble another rhyme,.. tour Dates, Upcoming stuff,.. it's all there. So if you're into live music, you're just gonna love this site!

Oh, my bad, I haven't mentioned the coolest feature of this site yet... they call it:
'The iLike Challenge'!
Thing works like this: They play you a track, and ask you a question.. like, "Who sung it?", "What's this track called?", etc. If you're really into music, you're gonna love it! and as you progress on, answering more questions and earning more points, you increase in your rank aswell! Check it out for sure.

So there I leave you with it, make sure you join it right away if you love music.
Don't make me use my whip!

You know, when you’re obsessed with something, you think about it all the time, and whatever you say will have something to do with your obsession. You probably notice that I talk a lot about metal music. That’s because I’ve been obsessed with Heavy Metal ever since I heard the track ‘Tornado of Souls’ by MegaDeth. That one song made me what I am today, a real Metalhead, and I haven’t listened to anything else since then.In this post, I will list some heavy metal songs worth listening to. If you don’t like heavy metal, well, then don’t give a crap about this post. Just go listen to what you like. After all, all music is good. I just happen to love metal abit more than other forms of music.
This time, I will suggest some good songs belonging to the genre of ‘Melodic Death Metal’. Pure death metal is disliked by many who say that it’s pure cacophony. Death metal is highly technical and is most difficult to play, but yes, it can’t be too pleasant listening to it. Melodic Death Metal (lovingly called ‘Melodeath’) adds something to Death Metal, and that’s Melody! Most Melodeath songs are rich in infectious melodies with traditional death-style vocals to give interesting results.Well, enough with the intro, let’s get to business.

Everytime I Die – This song by the finnish melodeath band Children of Bodom is one of the most loved songs of melodeath fanatics of all time. It’s hard to classify COB as a melodeath band though, as they have their own unique sound. Powerful riffs, catchy guitar and synth solos, and poignant lyrics give the song a classy touch!
They Will Return – by a not-very-well-known band, Kalmah. The song is excellent in terms of Guitarwork and harmony, and is worth a listen. ‘Moon of my Nights’ is another good track by Kalmah, which uses piano mainly.
Suburban Me – by the melodeath band In Flames hailing from Gothenburg in Sweden. In Flames are considered one of the definitive acts of melodic death metal, and thay again prove the fact that American Death Metal is more Brutal while Swedish Death Metal is more melodic. My favourite by the band though is the catchy, mid-tempo track ‘Satellites and Astronauts’.

There are many more Melodeath acts out there, like Arch Enemy (they’ve got a female screamer!), Dark Tranquility (very good), Soilwork (abit like In Flames), Amon Amarth (Gosh, they’re real Vikings!), etc. Try to find out some on your is a good place to make friends based on music and to discover new music. And the iLike challenge is an addictive little game. Better let it be another post :)

I’ve been playing metal guitar (rhythm) for quite sometime now. During stage shows I used to play some friend’s borrowed electric guitar, and when at home I’d play real heavy metal on my Acoustic Guitar!
Sounds funny? Even if it does, it was a fact, as I couldn’t afford to buy a decent electric. If you lived near my house, you would’ve heard something like Tom Petty trying to play ‘Master of Puppets’ or ‘Seasons in the Abyss’ almost every day. Well, that’s life ;)
Well, you won’t hear it no more now, cause now I’ve got a super cool electric guitar to jam with! And the best thing is, IT’S AN AXE!! OMG, I’ve always wanted to play with an axe, it suited my style of playing the best, i.e. Pure Metal!! I had it custom-made to cut down the cost, and had to settle with just two pick-ups, and I couldn’t get a Floyd Rose in time so gotta fix it later. Well, that takes away abit of it’s glory, but dude, it definitely looks and sounds Metal! And I guess I can do without the tremolo for the time being…
Well, here goes some pics:

It’s built neck-thru, got 22 frets, 2 pick-ups, and pretty much everything a typical electric guitar has, as you can see. I always wanted to buy the Alexi Laiho signature series axe from ESP, but it was way beyond my reach. So I wanted this to be made exactly like it.. well, the shape is almost the same, only the pinstripes are missing here, plus the tremolo, plus the wicked inlays, plus….
Well, enough rant for one day! Time to grab the axe and play some riffs now. Catch ya guys later:)

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Well, the world today belongs to the computer geeks! Think you're technologically challenged? Read through this once and you'll definitely feel loads better!
These are real stories about people calling up their customer services to enquire about serious 'Computer Errors' :D

1. Compaq is considering changing the command “Press Any Key” to “PressReturn Key” because of the flood of calls asking where the “Any” key is.
2. AST technical support had a caller complaining that her mouse was hard to control with the dust cover on. The cover turned out to be the plastic bag the mouse was packaged in.
3. Another Dell customer called to say he couldn’t get his computer to fax anything. After 40 minutes of troubleshooting, the technician discovered the man was trying to fax a piece of paper by holding it in front of the monitor screen and hitting the “Send” key.
4. Yet another, Dell customer called to complain that his keyboard no longer worked. He had cleaned it by filling up his tub with soap and water! and soaking the keyboard for a day, then removing all the keys and washing them individually.
5. A Dell technician received a call from a customer who was enraged because his computer had told him he was “Bad and an invalid.” The tech explained that the computer’s “bad command” and “invalid” responses shouldn’t be taken personally.
6. A confused caller to IBM was having trouble printing documents. He told the technician that the computer had said it couldn’t find the printer. The user had also tried turning the computer screen to face the printer, but that his computer still couldn’t “see” the printer.
7. An exasperated caller to Dell Computer Tech Support couldn’t get hernew Dell Computer to turn on. After ensuring the computer was plugged in, the technician asked her what happened when she pushed the power button. Her response, “I pushed and pushed on this foot pedal and nothing happens. “The “foot pedal” turned out to be the computer’s mouse.
8. Another customer called Compaq tech support to say her brand new computer wouldn’t work. She said she unpacked the unit, plugged it in and sat there for 20 minutes waiting for something to happen. When asked what happened when she pressed the power button, she asked, “What power button?”
9. Another IBM customer had trouble installing software and rang for support. “I put in the first disk, and that was OK. It said to put in the second disk, and had some problems with the disk. When it said to put in the third disk, I couldn’t even fit it in…” The user hadn’t realized that “Insert Disk 2″ implied to remove Disk 1 first.
10. A story from a Novel NetWire SysOp: CALLER: “Hello, is this Tech Support?” TECH: “Yes, it is. How may I help you?” CALLER: “The cup holder on my PC is broken and I am within my warranty period. How do I go about getting that fixed?” TECH: “I’m sorry, but did you say a cup holder?” CALLER: “Yes, it’s attached to the front of my computer.” TECH: “Please excuse me. If I seem a bit stumped, it’s because I am. Did you receive this as part of a promotional at a trade show? How did you get this cup holder? Does it have any trademark on it?” CALLER: “It came with my computer. I don’t know anything about a promotional. It just has 4X on it.” At this point, the Tech Rep had to mute the caller because he couldn’t stand it. He was laughing too hard. The caller had been using the load drawer of the CD-ROM drive as a cup holder and snapped it off the drive.
11. A woman called the Canon help desk with a problem with her printer. The tech asked her if she was “running it under windows.” The woman responded, “No, my desk is next to the door. But that is a good point. The girl sitting in the cubicle next to me is under a window and her printer is working fine.”
12.TECH SUPPORT: “Okay Bob, let’s press the control and escape keys at the same time. That brings up a task list in the middle of the screen. Now type the letter “P” to bring up the Program Manager.” CUSTOMER: “I don’t have a P.” TECH SUPPORT: “On your keyboard, Bob.” CUSTOMER: “What do you mean?” TECH SUPPORT: “P, on your keyboard, Bob.” CUSTOMER: “I’m not going to do that!”

source : BornSilly

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