BitTorrent Tutorial

Saturday, June 14

This is a simple tutorial that explains how to download files using BitTorrent.

The easiest way to download anything today is to use BitTorrent. Be it Music, E-books, Movies, Games, etc. sure there will be a torrent for it in the web.

You need a BitTorrent Client application to download files from the BitTorrent network. Get the official BitTorrent Client HERE. But I recommend you to use a more user-friendly client like µTorrent that is more tweakable.

Once you have downloaded the client application and installed it, you are ready to start downloading.
First get a .torrent file (file with a .torrent extension) for the thing you want to download.
This you can find by just googling the name of the torrent you're searching for. This .torrent file will be a few KB in size.
Once you have saved the .torrent file, open it using the bitTorrent client.
Choose a destination and it will start downloading the file. As simple as that!
Make sure that you don't just download all the time. Upload at times cause this will be helpful for other users.