The Coolest Gaming Mice

Tuesday, July 1

There was a time when mice were wooden..

Don't believe me? well then don't take my word for it, look at these pictures..

Alright now Mice have come a long way since their early wooden days, following the Theory of Evolution closely.They have gotten more feature-rich and refined to keep up with the demands, especially of the Gaming industry. and I gotta say, there are some truly mindblowing ones out there today.

Let's take a look at the top gaming mice around.

Razer CopperHead and DeathAdder Gaming Mice

The CopperHead have been enjoying Cult status for some time now. The 1ms response time of the CopperHead is unmatched. It has adjustable polling rate (125 to 1000 Hz) and real-time sensitivity adjustment. The laser sensor catches even the minute movements of your hand and gives this monster its celebrated sensitivity.

Throw in an extra 10$ and you can get the Razer DeathAdder. Check it out :

You may be willing to go for the DeathAdder just for its looks!

Razer DiamondBack Plasma

Razer has always produced the greatest gaming mice on the planet, and the DiamondBack is no exception to this. This is an optical Infrared mouse with a 1600 DPI sensor, which means a wholly different gameplay experience than the CopperHead / DeathAdder. The only drawback is that the polling rate cannot be adjusted.

LogiTech G5

The G5 captures any gamer's heart with its rugged looks, performance, and extensive array of features. Too bad it's only suitable for right-handers! (If you're lefty, check out the Razer mice). It has real-time sensitivity adjustment from 400 to 2000 DPI. The coolest feature is the adjustable weight cartridge that gives it the exact feel you are looking for. Plus the G5 are the mice with the biggest feet (quite literally! lol), making it the easiest to use.

Logitech G7
The big brother of G5, the G7 sports almost the same feature-set as the G5, minus the adjustable weight cartridge. And the G7 is wireless, and one of the very few decent wireless mice in the market. As you know, 'Gaming' and 'Wireless' do not go hand-in-hand very well, as there is always some lag. But the G7 has little or no lag, that makes it one of the few acceptable wireless mice in the market.

Update : I'm having second thoughts about the wooden mice. They are actually cool you know.. You may be interested in checking out some cool wooden PC components HERE.


berto xxx said...

I like this blog. for real!

berto xxx

K. Fields said...

You know, I never have noticed a lag with my wireless, but I don't game much either, so that may be why. I like the freedom I have with it.
This wireless is exactly the kind I like, comfortable easy to use, doens't stick..
Great blog by the way, very informative.

mantiz said...

thanks. the lag is more noticeable when you play games with alot of eye-candy, like F.E.A.R.. great game btw :)