Customizing Your Blogger Blog

Monday, June 23

Here's how to make your Blog on look more interesting by adding various gasgets and page elements to it.

First, In your blogger page, Click on 'Layout' to bring up a page where you can add and rearrange page elements.

In This page you can add some page elements to all of your blog's pages. I recommend the following Ones:

Blog archive : lists your blog posts in chronological order. Helps the readers, as well as helps in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
Labels : Displays a list of the Labels/Keywords you have used in your Blog posts. This is useful for categorising posts. For example, on the sidebar of this blog you can find the page element 'Categories', which is nothing but a 'Labels' element that I added.
Adsense : Helps you make money by displaying relevant ads on your blog. More on this can be read Here. Add a Google Search Bar to your Blog, it helps alot.

You may also experiment with other page elements as you wish. 'Poll' and 'Video Bar' are ways to make your blog more interactive. But make sure you don't make your pages too cluttered.

AddThis : This is a handy little gadget very useful for letting your readers add your blog as favrite at sites like Technorati, Dig, Reddit, etc. Goto to get it for your blog.

You can add code snippets for other gadgets by choosing the page element 'HTML/JavaScript' in the layout page.

Done Pepping up your blog?

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