Essential software for Java Mobile Phones

Friday, June 13

Here I am listing down some of the most essential Applications you should have installed on your Java Mobile Phones. Ofcourse, there are very few good applications on the Java platform, and these are some of the best you can find to pep up your phone's functionality.
Here goes:

1. Opera Mini :

Most middle range mobile phones come with native browsers that are no good at browsing websites. Even accessing WAP sites is tiresome on some handsets. Opera mini is the solution to this. Without doubt, it is the best Java based mobile browser around. Read more about the Mini here
Or check out the post where I've compared the major Java Web Browsers HERE.

2. MobyExplorer:

This is a nice File Manager application for java mobiles by Bermin Software. It supports all the basic File Management functions like file copying, moving, compressing, encrypting, etc. But the really useful feature is that MobyExplorer is an excelent FTP client.

Download MobyExplorer

3. FaceWarp : Have some fun with your mobile phone's Camera. Facewarp takes a picture ( a face, for best results), does some 'Warping', and what you get will be something like these:

These are warps from my mobile's camera. Trust me, it's real fun, especially on an exam's eve :D

Download FaceWarp (direct link)

4. JZipMan : This is zipping and unzipping application for Java phones. May not work with all handsets. I find this one especially useful in unzipping files I download off the internet.

Download JZipMan

5. RadioBee :

Listen to internet radio stations on your mobile phone. Ofcourse, many similar applications have been developed for Symbian devices, but for Java phones, RadioBee is the best bet (or 'only bet'!). This software runs smoothly on most phones. It runs perfectly on my sony Ericsson k750i. If your phone has EDGE support, you can get seamless streaming radio.

RadioBee Download Page

6. Mobile GMaps :

That's right, Google Maps has a mobile edition. It is really easy to use and can show you the map of any place on planet earth, and even shows you the imagery of the place from google earth. This is really cool, but be careful if you're on a traffic-based data plan; this application is really data-intensive.

Mobile GMaps Download Page

Update (19/8/08) - Forget Gmaps, go get the all-new Google Maps for Mobile.
PC Download HERE.
or visit from your mobile's WAP Browser.

7. Nimbuzz :
Nimbuzz is a nifty little IM application for your java mobile. It works with all the major networks like Skype, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo, AIM, Jabber and more (ICQ coming soon). The feature set is rather extensive for a j2me IM app, and it includes Free Chat with lots of chatrooms, Free File Sharing, Free 'Buzzing' your friends, and low-cost worldwide calling. Free VOIP call is soon to come.

Alright, go check out these softwares now, especially FaceWarp and MobileGMaps. And install Opera Mini rightaway; it will make you want to use the net on your phone more often. I will post a second part with more juicy software later.

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