Got Myself an AXE! wOOt!!!

Saturday, June 7

I’ve been playing metal guitar (rhythm) for quite sometime now. During stage shows I used to play some friend’s borrowed electric guitar, and when at home I’d play real heavy metal on my Acoustic Guitar!
Sounds funny? Even if it does, it was a fact, as I couldn’t afford to buy a decent electric. If you lived near my house, you would’ve heard something like Tom Petty trying to play ‘Master of Puppets’ or ‘Seasons in the Abyss’ almost every day. Well, that’s life ;)
Well, you won’t hear it no more now, cause now I’ve got a super cool electric guitar to jam with! And the best thing is, IT’S AN AXE!! OMG, I’ve always wanted to play with an axe, it suited my style of playing the best, i.e. Pure Metal!! I had it custom-made to cut down the cost, and had to settle with just two pick-ups, and I couldn’t get a Floyd Rose in time so gotta fix it later. Well, that takes away abit of it’s glory, but dude, it definitely looks and sounds Metal! And I guess I can do without the tremolo for the time being…
Well, here goes some pics:

It’s built neck-thru, got 22 frets, 2 pick-ups, and pretty much everything a typical electric guitar has, as you can see. I always wanted to buy the Alexi Laiho signature series axe from ESP, but it was way beyond my reach. So I wanted this to be made exactly like it.. well, the shape is almost the same, only the pinstripes are missing here, plus the tremolo, plus the wicked inlays, plus….
Well, enough rant for one day! Time to grab the axe and play some riffs now. Catch ya guys later:)