I wrote on an earlier post about the PowerTab software. It is a very useful tool for the beginner guitarist in learning new songs. But now I don't use PowerTab anymore, because I've found out a better software that's much neater than PowerTab.
GuitarPRO is a software for creating and playing guitar tabs. Let me say this first, the only problem with this handy little tool is that it is not free. I am currently using it in the evaluation period and it seems quite nice. I'd happily buy it, had I any money in my PayPal account:(
The nicest feature with GuitarPRO is that you can have as many tracks in a song as you want. For example, if you are tabbing a song, you can have seperate tracks for Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, Bass guitar, Percussion, and even Voice! The array of instruments available will surely blow anyone's mind away. They sound way better than PowerTab in which even Death Metal Tracks sounded like the Super Mario theme. The Realistic Sound Engine (RSE) (available only in full version!) enhances this greatly.
And GuitarPRO can open PowerTab (.ptb) files aswell!
If you are learning a new song, say the rhythm section, you can select that track only and learn as you play. This is way neater than PowerTab where things always appear cluttered. You can even reduce the tempo in real-time, so that it will be easier to play along.
And now for the tabs themselves, there seems to be no shortage for GP tabs on the internet. As always, Ultimate-Guitar is a great source.
This tool is so good that I am learning a new song every 2 or 3 days these days. On weekends, it's a song a day! If you are having a hard time figuring out how to play some songs, go ahead and try this one.