How To Monetize Your Blog

Monday, June 23

Once you have built a good readership to your blog, you can start making some money from it.
It's always a good idea to start with...

Google AdSense :

The most loved Advertising Program of Bloggers. The reason is that Adsense doesn't have any big requirements to be met by your site/blog to begin using it. If you have a Google Account, things can get ridiculously simple!
you can login at Adsense with your google Account. (If you don't have one, create one. You're gonna use it alot!).
Once you have logged in, submit your blog using the form. It may take some time to get it approved.
After your blog is Approved, you can get code for Adsense that you can copy onto your blog. But an easier method will be to add Addsense to your pages using the 'Add/Remove Page elements' page from Blogger.
Adsense can make you alot of money if you display your ads in an effective way. Try to make visitors click the ads (But don't overdo it, your readers may turn hostile!). Also, never attempt any malpractice such as trying to click your own ads! It will get you banned immediately, and you will lose all your earnings!
You can cash out at 100$, when Google will send you a cheque.

A service that is similar to Adsense which is closest to being that good is..

Bidvertiser :

A site very similar to Adsense, except that the rates are abit low. But the best thing is that The Minimum Payout level is just 10$, that can be easily reached. They pay by PayPal, which is another advantage. Click Here to join

These are the best advertising tools you can use when your blog is developing. Once it is full blown, with a steady amount of traffic, you can try other methods. I will post about them later.

For now, keep bloggin'!