Ok, so you got an idea what Blogs are. If not, click here for a quick primer.

How to set up a Blog.

Just Like in the case of websites, there are two choices in setting up a blog:

* Paid Hosting : You register a domain name for your blog, Host it somewhere, install a free third party blogging software like wordpress, and start posting.

* Free hosting : There are alot of free blog hosting services out there. The best free one is undoubtedly Blogger. You can create your blog here for free.

If you are a beginner, I suggest that you use a free blogging service like Blogger. Here's how to set up a blog with Blogger, step-by-step.

Setting Up a Blog With Blogger

* Direct your browser to blogger.com

* Sign in with your Google Account. If you don't have one, create one. You're gonna use it alot!

This takes you to the 'Dashboard' Screen.

The Dashboard lists all your blogs, and also allows you to create new blogs.

* Click 'Create a Blog'.

* Name your Blog.

* Choose a Template.

* So now your blog has been created! Click on 'Start Posting' to start posting in your blog.

So you have created your Blog. If you Want to Make people come to your blog, you should pep it up. So,

Next up : Customizing Your Blogger blog.