Don't tell me you haven't joined this place yet. Especially so if you are an audiophile and a netizen at the same time... cause then I might have to spank you, :DiLike is one of my newest haunts. Being an audiophile myself, I  spend  almost my whole day listening to music (Yeah I somehow manage to pull that off!). If you suffer from a similar disease, I suggest that you immediately check in  at this place and get help right away. No, this won't allay your sickness, this will only make it go haywire (c'mon, that's what ya want, right?!)When I checked in on this place one day, I had no idea I would become  so intimate with it.. iLike has been helping me discover new music and make friends wth new buds from all over the world who share the same tastes and perversions (!) like me  :PSo  how does this work?First, launch the browser software in your computer. If you can't find it, look around: It will be an 'e' or an  'O' or an 'N' lying somewhere on the desktop (O in my case). I've heard that some people even have fox hugging a globe, but i'm yet to see one of that kind.So you got your  browser up and running... now try to locate the address bar. Now, this can be tricky! One trick is to move the  arrow thingy around until it changes into an I, there you click and type in the addy "", and there you go, things start appearing out of nowhere.,...Alright, enough gay talk!If you read all that crap up above, sorry, you walked right into it.!Thing is, iLike  is one cool site that has become one of my major haunts lately.  It's a social Networking site that you can join and start making friend right away who have similar musical tastes as you. So, apply the lessons you've learnt from the latest social networking trands: Sign-up and start spicing up your profile. iLike  displays a buncha artists to you and you get to select which all you  like. Don't worry, they got everything from  Spice Girls to Slayer.After you are done with your profile, you are presented with other users who are into the same kinda music as you are.  Just add away!You can later do things to your friends, like chatting to them, calling names, sending hate-mails,  etc. - the usual stuff.
One thing I love about iLike is the way they keep me updated on my favorite artists. I get to know when alexi Laiho decides to try out a new solo.. they inform immediately when Dave Mustaine scribble another rhyme,.. tour Dates, Upcoming stuff,.. it's all there. So if you're into live music, you're just gonna love this site!

Oh, my bad, I haven't mentioned the coolest feature of this site yet... they call it:
'The iLike Challenge'!
Thing works like this: They play you a track, and ask you a question.. like, "Who sung it?", "What's this track called?", etc. If you're really into music, you're gonna love it! and as you progress on, answering more questions and earning more points, you increase in your rank aswell! Check it out for sure.

So there I leave you with it, make sure you join it right away if you love music.
Don't make me use my whip!