Indestructible - New Album From Disturbed

Monday, June 23

Disturbed released their newest studio album on June 3rd, and it's called:

"Indestructible" (hope I spelled that right!)

This album
Track Listing:

01 Indestructible
02 Inside the Fire
03 Deceiver
04 The Night
05 Perfect Insanity
06 Haunted
07 Enough
08 The Curse
09 Torn
10 Criminal
11 Divide
12 Facade

I haven't listened to the album for long enough to write a review. But on first listen, it appears pretty cool, infact, it's great!
Disturbed manages to maintain their signature sound, truly exploiting Draiman's vocal skills as always. However, Donegan has thrown in a few solos that sound cool. This makes one actually wonder if Disturbed is veering more toward the thrash metal avenue.. If they are, I more than welcome it.
I really like the single 'Inside the Fire', sounds cool. Be sure to check it out.


Indestructible HYPE said...

It's unfair to think this band deserves any street credit whatsoever. This new album is no different and makes a mockery out of hard rock. I'm sorry but I just don't get why this band is likable beyond it's silliness and ambiguous immaturity played by older men.

I Hyped Disturbed on Everhype and gave it 18% which I think is fairly accurate.

I wouldn’t mind getting some opinions on it . If you get on there, rate me a 5 & request friendship.