This is the first part of the Simple Tutorial I plan on writing about Making money blogging.
This one gives a quick intro to the little things we love, called blogs...

You know what a blog is, right? If not, you should have been living in some deep well so far. Don't worry though, I'm here to lend a helping hand:)

A blog is very much like a person's diary. If you have a blog, you post in it regularly about your interests, pastimes, and even personal experiences. There are blogs of all kinds in the internet.

If you are new to blogs and are planning to start one, I highly suggest that you check out some blogs before you start Blogging. Technorati and Digg are great sources for discovering new and cool blogs.

A blog is very similar to a website, except that a blog is more regularly updated. For this reason, search engines love blogs! This is very important in generating traffic.

Ok, that's it for a quick primer on blogging.

Now, let's move on to : How to Set Up a Blog