Metallica On The Comeback Road With New Album

Monday, June 23

Metallica has been one of the greatest heavy metal bands of all time. But now they are also one of the most hated bands of all time. Take any metal-related forum and you're sure to see a thread or two featuring the fans and haters in an ongoing exchange of words. Most of it is centred around Metallica being 'Sell-outs' since 'The Black Album' of 1991, the well-known Napster controversy, and also people who hate good ol' Tallica for no reason at all!

Ofcourse I too felt bad when Metallica departed from their classic sound. And I happen to be such a fan of Megadeth and consider Dave Mustaine (minus the ego) as my idol. But still I respect Metallica for all the great music they've made.

Here is a conversation I found on a forum ( :


Anton_LaVey : "your right thay are the most overated band ever, music is easy to play and they are boring as hell but for some reason people like them."

Personally, I think both these guys are fucking retards. If you can play a song on your guitar sitting in your bedroom, that doesn't mean the song's crappy. Go get a fuckin life!

So now to the subject...

Metallica's Back! Their 9-th studio album is gonna be out this September and it's been christened :

"Death Magnetic"

Pretty cool name for a metal record, I think.
If you don't think it's good enough, try saying it a few times or get some friends to tell it a few times to you aloud. It will surely grow on you. Btw, what's in a name, huh?

So what does this title mean?
Death Metal? No, we've had "Creeping Death" before.
I think the album will have a track with the name "Death Magnetic" on it.

Anyway, you cannot tell if a name is befitting ir not unless you actualy listen to the music. I find myself wishing September came early this year!

Why? Because Metallica has released a video about the upcoming album, and in that there is this awesome riff that reminds me of the Old Metallica, especially of the "...And Justice For All" era. This really gives me some high hopes concerning Death Magnetic.
2008 surely has been an eventful year for Metal. First the Bodoms, then Opeth, and now this! Plus, I've heard that Testament is working on a new album too. Omg, what more could a metalhead ask for!

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