Opera Mini - The web on your mobile phone

Friday, June 13

Most people use their mobiles to access the internet today. It's a good thing that you can be connected on the move. But browsing the web on the mobile's small screen and keypad can get quite tiresome. Plus, most phones have built-in browser software that cannot handle web pages, or even larger WAP pages. One solution to this is to use a third party browser software, if you mobile is Java-enabled. And coming to third party browsers, undoubtedly the best is Opera
Opera Mini is released by Opera Software, and it pretty much looks like a mobile edition of the opera Browser. The best thing is that it is FREE!
Opera Mini has been the favourite of most mobile users for sometime now (The current version is 4.1). It has gone through major updates through time and in my opinion, the version 4.1 provides the best browsing experience on a mobile phone.
It displays the web pages just as they look on a PC, and also supports such stuff as RSS feeds and CSS. Opera Mini also has typical browser features such as Bookmarks, Feeds, Autocomplete, History, and support for saving web pages and web images. And more features are added with every upgrade.
The input methods make it really easy to use the web. Most sites work perfectly with Opera Mini (Myspace, Orkut, Blogger, etc.). If you have a mobiile phone with GPRS support and are planning to use it to access the web, download it and install it right away.
Get Opera Mini Here!

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