Paid Blogging has been the talk of the blogosphere for some time now. If you read blogs alot, you might have seen a banner reading "Hire Me" in many of them. Welcome to the world of PayPerPost.

So, what is this PayPerPost thingy?
PayPerPost is a program that allows advertisers to promote their websites, products and services. Bloggers can review the products and services of these advertisers through PPP and get paid for it. Thus it benefits both the Advertiser and the Blogger.

How did you find out about this site?
I read about it in a blog about making money by blogging. I wanted to sign up at once and start making money right away. But my blog was quite new, so I couldn't register my blog. So I waited for a while, and submitted it. Now they have approved it and I'm already writing my first post, that is this one!

How can I make money with PayPerPost as a Blogger?
Bloggers can sign up with PPP and register their blogs. The only requirements for a blog to be approved are that it should be more than 90 days old and should be free from profanity. Once a blog is approved, bloggers can start taking opportunities and writing immediately.
The best thing about PPP is that your first post can be about PPP itself. You can do this right away after your blog has been approved, and your blog doesn't have to meet any more requirements to take this opportunity. And you get paid $20 for your first post!
Most opportunities pay from $5 - $10 if your blog is not too popular. This is not too bad, right? But if your blog has a good pagerank and a decent amount of traffic, this amount can go up by scores!

Why should I Join PPP?
PayPerPost has become the favourite Paid Blogging service of most bloggers, helping them make a steady income from this site alone. You too can take advantage of this great program by registering your blog with PPP right away.

Is it reliable?
Ofcourse! I did some research before joining and found out that it pays its members on time. Just make sure you follow the rules and blog ethics , and they'll surely accept your post. The business model is sustainable and you can be sure that you will be paid for your work. I can't say more on this at the moment because this is my first post for them. I'll post updates here on whether I get paid or not.

Ok, so how do I join PayPerPost?
Simple, just direct your browser!