Scar Symmetry - Holographic Universe

Monday, June 23

Melodic Death Metal never sounded so good!

Scar Symmetry is a melodeath band hailing from Sweden.
"Holographic Universe"is their third studio album after "Symmetric in design" and "Pitch Black Progress". After giving a brief listen to "Holographic Universe", I can only say one thing, they are an extremely promising act
Seriously, the songwriting has the quality of "Fate's Warning" or even "At The Gates"! This band was undoubtedly inspired by the Gothenburg metal scene, but rises much above most of the melodeath wannabes that belong to the same.
Christian alvestam, the vocalist, is extremely talented. His growls are no less than deep and ferocious, but when he switches to singing, it is remarkably clear and mellow. These combined with the smooth guitar solos and highly rhythmic drumming shows how much the band has progressed since 'Pitch Black Progress'. The guitar solos are no serious fretwork, but they are powerful enough to melt a rock.
Scar Symmetry achieves with this album a sound that is perfectly balanced between Melodic and Death Metal sides. Seriously, you can't be surprised if they start playing Scar symmetry in the radio!
Song titles like 'Morphogenesis', 'Timewave Zero', 'Artificial Sun Projection', etc. can get you to think what these guys are actually upto.. but after all, it's good to hear a metal act go on about stuff like that, than complain about god or throw random insults and do bitchy music.

I highly recommend that you listen to this album. It's epic, and I have a feeling that these melodies are gonna be remembered for a long time. It's pure musical genius!

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