Something to Listen To...

Saturday, June 7

You know, when you’re obsessed with something, you think about it all the time, and whatever you say will have something to do with your obsession. You probably notice that I talk a lot about metal music. That’s because I’ve been obsessed with Heavy Metal ever since I heard the track ‘Tornado of Souls’ by MegaDeth. That one song made me what I am today, a real Metalhead, and I haven’t listened to anything else since then.In this post, I will list some heavy metal songs worth listening to. If you don’t like heavy metal, well, then don’t give a crap about this post. Just go listen to what you like. After all, all music is good. I just happen to love metal abit more than other forms of music.
This time, I will suggest some good songs belonging to the genre of ‘Melodic Death Metal’. Pure death metal is disliked by many who say that it’s pure cacophony. Death metal is highly technical and is most difficult to play, but yes, it can’t be too pleasant listening to it. Melodic Death Metal (lovingly called ‘Melodeath’) adds something to Death Metal, and that’s Melody! Most Melodeath songs are rich in infectious melodies with traditional death-style vocals to give interesting results.Well, enough with the intro, let’s get to business.

Everytime I Die – This song by the finnish melodeath band Children of Bodom is one of the most loved songs of melodeath fanatics of all time. It’s hard to classify COB as a melodeath band though, as they have their own unique sound. Powerful riffs, catchy guitar and synth solos, and poignant lyrics give the song a classy touch!
They Will Return – by a not-very-well-known band, Kalmah. The song is excellent in terms of Guitarwork and harmony, and is worth a listen. ‘Moon of my Nights’ is another good track by Kalmah, which uses piano mainly.
Suburban Me – by the melodeath band In Flames hailing from Gothenburg in Sweden. In Flames are considered one of the definitive acts of melodic death metal, and thay again prove the fact that American Death Metal is more Brutal while Swedish Death Metal is more melodic. My favourite by the band though is the catchy, mid-tempo track ‘Satellites and Astronauts’.

There are many more Melodeath acts out there, like Arch Enemy (they’ve got a female screamer!), Dark Tranquility (very good), Soilwork (abit like In Flames), Amon Amarth (Gosh, they’re real Vikings!), etc. Try to find out some on your is a good place to make friends based on music and to discover new music. And the iLike challenge is an addictive little game. Better let it be another post :)