W3Schools - Free Programming Tutorials

Saturday, June 14

Wanna learn programming? Just googling 'VB tutorials'or 'C programming tutorials'can bring up a zillion results. The sad fact is that most of these sites does not have tutorials written with the absolute beginner in mind, and some others will be composed almost entirely of advertisements. But here is one site that provides quality programming tutorials for all kinds of people, either beginners or seasoned programmers looking to learn a new language.
W3Schools (www.w3schools.com) is a site that has alot of tutorials on alot of programming languages. There is everything from system programming to web programming. These tutorials are absolutely free of cost ( So says their motto : "The best things in life are free")! There are tutorials with lots of examples, exercises and explanations. Also, the site provides tables of all functions and procedures so you can make your programming real spicy. Be sure to check it out if you wanna do some serious coding.