Becoming a Blogger

Saturday, July 5

Woke up today to find my head in total turmoil. Not a neuron in it wanted to be woken up.
More than anything, I wanted to dive right back to into my bed again. But sleeping beyond 2 pm, according to most, is nuts!
In fact, it's more than nuts; It's Tits! (new cuss word on the block! )

I've been following this wacky lifestyle ever since I started serious blogging:

.... Waking up at noon, posting the occasional rant here, reading the blogs I've come to like these days, discovering new ones, sleeping well past midnight (around 4 - 5 am), dreaming about my blog attaining a PR of 10, waking up at noon, posting the occasional crap, ....

So now you know that if I wasn't in my PC, surely I was in front of the bed.

And at this stage, I've got a confession to make: I came into the blogging scene for the money. You will realize this if you read my earlier half of posts; They're all crap!
But over the last week, I've come to know what it's like to be a Real Blogger.
I'd spent all these nights posting, reading and commenting blogs, with feverish intensity! And you wanna know what I got?

A new obsession,

and bags under my eyes.

Okay I don't care about the bags now, If they don't go away in a week I will have them surgically removed. All I care about now is my blog. I know I'm finally gonna write my heart out here!
Please help me out with any suggessions or comments you might have.

More updates from my so-called life :

They say all good things must come to an end. Sadly, the same goes for holidays :(
That's right, College's starting this monday, and I gotta head back tomorrow.
No, this doesn't mean my blog will go unattended, but my activity on others' blogs and sites like BlogCatalog (Been there only for a week, and was beginning to love it) will be considerably reduced.
Reason? I don't own a fuckin computer!
Oh btw, there's the college's computer lab! But no fuckin way I'm gonna stay back there for that.
However I'll still be able to do something with my mobile :)

Another thing is regarding my physique.. I'd hoped to grow some body these hols. But at the close of it, I seem to have reduced to half of what I originally was. And considering I was originally as slim as the MotoRAZR, you can very well imagine what's left of me.

So here ends another eventful vacation. Here are some of my accomplishments during the same:

Got a haircut - finally I can see where I'm going :D
Fragged the hell outta my buds playing Counter-Strike in our local gamedrome!
Grew sonething on my chin that vaguely resembles a goatee :/
Learned to play the 'Master of Puppets' Guitar solo \m/

and best of all,

Became a Blogger!


Fatima said...

haha... I've been that way before. ^_^ I love blogging! But I hate the eyebags @_@

mantiz said...

thanks. You DO love blogging, your blog tells me that. keep it up :)

Meghna said...

Hi Mantiz,
WOW! great blog....a fabulous place....I'm sure you'll be earning huge bucks soon if you keep up with these great works. Loved the way you write...and hey.....don't call it crap LOL!

Hope to see more of you at the blogosphere and wish you luck with the eyebags....and yes, do record some of your tracks as I would love to listen :P

Renee said...

I can so relate to the cycle of blogging, ranting ,commenting and promoting. Before you know it an entire day is gone. I forced myself to bed yesterday. I try to look at it this way, if blogging is going to be my "job" I need to work just as hard if not harder to make it successful.

Renee said...

I had to pop back in because I forgot to say that I love the title of your blog...that is why I clicked your link at blogcatalog

mantiz said...

hi Meghna,
thanks for the encouraging comment.. yours is one cool blog that i love reading occasionaly, keep up the good work :)

mantiz said...

Hi Renee,
true you are, you can never get of blogging! btw i love the title too, still makes me smile!

UTP said...

I could relate to this so much....welcome to the of luck with making money and when u do...teach me also heheh....i havent made my first buck to date....maybe i m not doing the right things...

Bikran said...

yeah blogging is really cool . actually i had been blogging since years but was never serious .. few days i used to post and stop completely LOL . well but now i have made my mind that i ll be doing this seriously no matter even i get eyebags as my adsense would surely make enough money to get those bags operated .. LOL ..

Trisna said...

hehehe... yep becoming a blogger is tiring sometimes... dropping EC... do research only to make a good content so ppl would stumble or digg it... oiich...

Thanks for the comment for my band Mantiz... appreciate it ;)

Trisnas last blog post..Turn your photo into a sketch

mantiz said...

thanks man. keep writing quality content in your blog. the money will come automatically! For starters, use AdSense and PayPerPost. good luck :)

mantiz said...

hey mate, thanks for stoppin by often. I'm hoping to earn something from AdSense too. wish they hadn't discontinued the referrals program though. made 20 bucks in there so far.. good luck to ya:)

mantiz said...

hey trisna,
yep, blogging can be tiring at times, but hey nothing can match the feeling u get after making a good post. btw thanks for the comment., really appreciate it:)

willykean said...


I am new here, i came across your blog today and i must say i love it. If you don't mind, i would like to review some of your post and put a link to your blog on mine.

My blog is all in french, sometimes in english and i think that this blog review would be a great idea for us...., if not, i will still come because i enjoyed what i read.

mantiz said...

hey mate, welcome to my blog.. go ahead, i'd love a review and i'll be more than happy to return the link love. keep in touch.. thanks:)