Here Comes The Measles!

Monday, July 28

5 months and 50 posts after creating this blog, I am writing this one post that that most bloggers would have written as their first post.
I wanna introduce you to my blog :
Measled Potatoes!

Weird huh? an introduction after 50 posts? But then, almost everything regarding this blog is weird, and that's what I love about it :)
I'd never really written an 'About' post for this blog, and I've been itching to do it. And now that I've completely re-designed this blog, this makes it the ideal time to write one!

Well to start off, let me introduce myself...

I'm a college student from India; one with many obsessions.
So you can expect in this blog everything that plays a part in a typical teenager's life: Rants, Brainwaves, Technology, gadgets, Internet, Guitars, and some Pure Heavy Metal Music!

So that makes it kind of a personal blog huh?

Anyways, you will find it all here, stuffed into one goddamn mixed bag that is this blog!
I'm gonna blog about everything under the sun! No one is safe! *Muahahaha..!

So why the name 'Measled Potatoes'?
Actually 'Measled Potatoes' was the result of a particularly wild GoogleWhacking session I once had with a friend. Well, it didn't exactly earn me a GoogleWhack, but it did give me a name to christen my blog!

That serves for an introduction methinks ;)

I've made some changes here in the past few days I'd like to mention:

* New Look - I finally got rid of the Blogger Tic-Tac template that I'd been using forever (even my old blog had that one!). So now we have a new template and new design. I'd love to hear your comments about the new look!

* SezWho! - I've installed the Sezwho Plug-in to help me keep track of my commentators. It can be abit irritating at times, with the pop-up and all, but trust me, it can be quite useful.

* You Comment, I Follow - I've taken away the nasty 'no-follow' tag from the source code. So now I'm part of the 'Do-Follow Movement'! This kinda makes me proud :D
So comment away and get some link love!

* New Widgets - I've added some new widgets too, to help me fill the empty sidebars. OMG, switching to a 3-column template certainly gives you too much space!

So be it, I'm here to write my heart out and to make some new blogging friends. So any kind of help would be appreciated. Feel free to let me know any suggestions or criticism (yep, I can even take some constructive criticism!) that you may have.

So drop by often and give it a read... you might get measled too :)


Bikran said...

hi there ..
I previously visited your blog and i was like where have i landed lol. I did not recognize and was bout to log off haha and later the potato reminded me i found u had changed the theme . LOL .
this one is great man .. looks quite professional .. for me i liked it . it did rock .

Trisna said...

Heyhoooooooo... :)
Your site looks more artistic, structured, yesss, overall it's AOK... COOLIO

So, Happy Blogging Mantiz ;)

Trisna's last blog post..The Danger of Internet Addiction

jitendra said...

Hey, Jitendra from SezWho here...Welcome to the community and let us know if you have any feedback for us (we are already working on an option to turn off popups on hover)...

Thanks, Jitendra

Rachel (Che) said...

Hi Mantiz,

Just passing by after I saw your message on my shoutbox.. like the colors and the layout :) good choice :)


da da said...

Hey Mantiz, so Measled Potatoes, hmmm, is that what Vodka is made of? So, welcome to blog land. I'm that da da dude with the nifty Google search strings. I'm one of those old school geeks, so I know some other tricks you should like as well, I'll keep in touch...

Arcticulates said...

Wow, I love it! It really looks great. I like the other design too, I can tell you have been putting some extra work into this blog. It shows! Great Job! I like your monsoon tales! lol

mantiz said...

hi bikram,
nice to see you back mate:)
glad you liked the new design.. expect more of 'em potatoes in near future lol!

mantiz said...

hey trisna,
thanks dudette! and yeah, happy blogging to you too =)

mantiz said...

Thanks pal, well I don't mind the popups really (not anymore) but many people find them nasty. Glad to know you guys are workin on it!
good day to you:)

mantiz said...

hi rachel,
thanks for the compliment.. and thanks for dropping by often!
have a great day:)

mantiz said...

hi da da dude,
nice to see you back.. i checked out your blog earlier today, and i think you should definitely write more! seriously! and that post about NA$A (lol) was brilliant. see ya 8)

mantiz said...

hiya arctic!
thanks for the comment.. I loved the earlier design too, it was navigateable like hell! wsee ya around:)

Paula said...

I liked the old one, but this one has a better lay out, It presents well and loads fast. I think you have made a good improvement. Pretty cool!

mantiz said...

hey paula,
glad you like the new look.. it took me quite awhile to design it.. in fact I took a whole week to decide upon a template! anyways, thanks for the comment.. have a great day:)

jccleofe said...

When I open this blog, at first I thought the owner was a female (I apologize), so I went to check back your BC profile and found out you're a male. I love the pastel color. It looks happy and fresh. This should be the design for my blog. :)

SolReka said...

Where's your SezWho plugin measles?

I'm still not sure whether I should install this plugin. What do you reckon?

Nice blog btw, clean crisp layout - as a blog should be :-)

Brighter Energy Solutions

mantiz said...

hey jc,
*ouch! so that's what i get for loving pastels huh? jj pal :)
thanks n happy bloggin btw =)

mantiz said...

hi solreka,
i've got the plug-in tucked in somewhere below the page, it's a script so it won't show.
Well i think it's quite useful for a blog., in my case, it has increased the comment flow., not sure how though.. also helps you know more about your visitors, bust spammers, etc..
good luck with it!
and hey, thanks for the compliment:)

KM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KM said...

It is never too late for introductions. :)

I really like your blog, you've got a great sense of humor.


mantiz said...

hiya KM,
wow, Weird eBay Listings - one of my favorite topics! Sure I will be checking your blog often.
btw thanks for the compliment dude, have a great day :)