How Much Is Your Life Worth?

Wednesday, July 2

Every once in a while, weird items turn up for sale on eBay. There have been bald guys offering advertising space on their heads, teenagers auctioning off their virginity, people selling off supposedly 'Haunted' items, etc.
ComputerHovel has a cool list of weird items that have been sold on eBay. Check it out HERE.
The eBay Totally Bizarre Section lists strange items that you can bid on.

But none of these can compare in weirdness or bizarreness to what an Australian Seller put up for auction on eBay : His Life!

After 44 years of treading the earth, Ian Usher, originally from England and residing in Australia, decided to sell his life. This included his house, car and bike, job, lifestyle, and a lot more. (check out
Many thought that it would turn out to be a hoax, but bids actually started coming in. And after 100 days of being listed on eBay, Ian Usher's life was sold this June 30th.

And how much is his life worth? $3,82,000!

Ian later said that he was content with the outcome, though he had hoped for no less than $480K. He thanks all the people who supported him, though most people who e-mailed him thought that he should simply 'Get a Life'!

He still has his body, soul, identity, and his wallet, with which he will walk out of his home after the transaction is complete.

So what lies ahead for a man who has just sold his life? Ian says the adventure is yet to begin. At a new website, he has put up his plans for future. 100 goals in 100 weeks, how does that sound?


Delighted Scribbler said...

This is so cool!

mantiz said...

yup. check out the link to ComputerHovel in the post, so bizarre that you won't believe most of em :)