Just Married - Mr. & Mrs. Frogger!

Thursday, July 17

The monsoon failure here in India has led to some desperate measures to make rain come down.
I read this particularly interesting post in the newspaper today that I thought I simply should share.
In the district of Udupi in Karnataka, majority of the people are farmers and depend heavily on monsoon rains. Well, the monsoon kind of played them this time and as a result most of their paddy fields got scorched, which is sad. So they were willing to do anything for rain, even experiment to see if the old saying is indeed true:
Frog Marriage Brings Rain!

Yes, you read it right! Last night two lucky frogs tied the nuptial cord in the presence of a massive throng, near the Taluk office, Udupi.
Mind you, it was not just a gimmick, it was a real marriage, and the two did exchange wedding rings and garlands. There was even a wedding procession with the bride and the bridegroom riding majestically in a decorated bullock-cart, as is common with hindu marriages in India.
I don't know what became of the couple after the ceremony was over. Will they will keep their wedding vow and hop together until death does them apart? I doubt that very much.

It's believed there that this kind of a ceremony pleases the rain-god, and the villagers swear that they will be blessed with rain pretty soon.. well, let's wait and see how things turn out!


Alex Mcone said...

Or maybe a french chef came up and whipped them into a fine french frog cuisine.

You have to think of what might have been going on in the couple's mind. Were they terrified to the extent that they were traumatic ... or were they just going ribbit ?

mantiz said...

actually the poor little things were fettered to keep em from hopping around too much and causing confusion.. imagine that :O

Sara Abdel Azim said...

congrats on finally redesigning! =D

Renee said...

No matter how "advanced" we become we are all slaves to mother nature and we should remember that as we engage in acts that destroy our environment.

Winnie the poohi said...

It worked :P

Its raining yay!! ;)

mantiz said...

lol right you are!
now it's raining too much :P