Lazy to the Bones!

Monday, July 14

Monsoon's in..
...but not rain!

True, this year's monsoon is turning out to be a big disappoinment.
There ain't enough rain to fill the dams. And the result? Gotta suffer half an hour of power-cut every day!
Generally there's two conditions that i like : rain, or no rain. But some of these days it's just the in-between crap.
It rains just enough to keep you from going out!

I hate this rain.. It's laziness is infectious. I feel like curling up in my bed most of the time and do nothing. I haven't even posted anything here for about a week.
It's totally unlike me!
Cause I love work! I can sit and look at it for hours!

Another uneventful week, half of which was spent sleeping, the other half listening to this song by Opeth..

Yup, it's nothing extraordinary, but it's got that mellow, soothing sound that you just gotta love.
A perfect lullaby to go with these dull overcast days methinks... it's growing on me!

So much for another uneventful week, gotta go get some sleep now..
catch y'all later ;)


Mrs. Thoughtskoto said...

Since we reside here in KSA where it rains once or twice a year only. If I would be asked, I badly wanted it to rain!!!!!! It's blistering hot outside, and if ever we are going out to the mall, I have to put some ice cold blanket over my baby's stroller. Even the blow of the air feels like a boiling water vapor! And they are saying, its getting hotter here every year.

mantiz said...

once or twice a year?? that's sad. Here it's not raining this year as it used to, but after reading ur comment i think i should be thankful even for the smallest drizzle here!