"Love Story" by Erich Segal

Saturday, July 12

"What can you say about a twenty-five-year-old girl that died? That she was beautiful and brilliant. That she loved Mozart and Bach. And the Beatles. And me."

So begins the bittersweet love story of two young hearts; Jenny Cavillery and Oliver Barrett.

"Not another Love story!", you'd grumble.

That's just what I thought when a friend gave me this book. You (we) can't be blamed though, there's enough potboilers out there to make us turn our backs to this genre.

But ironically, "Love Story" is not your typical Love Story.

Really, this is one of those books that made me quite emotional, and that doesn't happen often.

Oliver is a rich Harward Jock, while Jenny's a witty Radcliffe Music Major. Seems they have nothing in common.. but yet they fall in love. Again, this is not the typical love-at-first-sight crap.
The young Oliver meets Jenny in the library while hunting for a book; the bespectacled, mousey lookin Jennifer. She is referred to here as 'Minnie Four Eyes' - Thanks Erich, that made me smile:)

The first conversation between the two goes like this:

"Listen, I need the goddamn book"

"Wouldja please watch your profanity, preppie?"

"What makes you so sure I went to prep school?"
"You look stupid and rich", she said, removing her glasses.

"You're wrong", I protested, "I'm actually smart and poor"

"Oh no, Preppie, I'm smart and poor"

She was staring straight at me. Her eyes were brown.

Okay, maybe I look rich, but I wouldn't let some 'Cliffe -- even one with pretty eyes, call me dumb.

"What the hell makes you so smart?", I asked.

"I wouldn't go to coffee with you", she answered.

"Listen -- I wouldn't ask you"

"That", she replied, "is what makes you stupid."

In the next scene we find Ollie and Jenny in a coffee-shop:)

The way the story develops is interesting, thanks to Erich's witty writing style.

Here's Ollie's first attempt at proposing to Jenny:

"Jen... what would you say if I told you..."

I hesitated. She waited.

"I think... I'm in love with you"

There was a pause. Then she answered very softly.

"I would say.. you were full of shit."

She hung up.

I wasn't unhappy. Or surprised.

The two soon find themselves in love though, get married, and embark on life's bumpy ride. They continue learning life's unruly lessons, never failing in their love anyway, and all goes well, but then disaster strikes. Jenny is diagnosed with Leukemia. You can't help feeling sorry for the young couple, as they carry on, trying to live life like everything was normal still.

In her own words,

"It doesn't hurt, Ollie, really", she said, "It's like falling off a cliff in slow motion, you know?"

I really shouldn't be writing all this, cause you really gotta read the book to love it. I found it very similar to one of my favourite movies, "A Walk to Remember". What the walk lacked was good dialogue, and that void's filled here. I'm pretty sure you will love this book, so I recommend it to you. Check it out for sure:)


Bikran said...

hi dude ..
the first conversation was hilarious .. i liked her reply " i wouldnt go for a coffee with you " haha .i aint really into reading .. as u suggested this may be be worth reading .. well i would surely try finding this book and read ..
anyways u keep blogging and keep rocking :d

mantiz said...

thanks bro. the book's really nice.., Jenny's one character you can't help falling in love with. a great read imho:)

genny said...

Yes i believe the story is great...

mantiz said...

sure it is! give it a read sometime:)