My First PayPerPost Payment!

Friday, July 25

I got paid by PayPerPost!

I joined PPP got my blog approved more than one month ago.. So like any other new postie, I was given the opportunity to write my first paid review about PPP and earn 20$ doing so.. This I did, you can find the post here.

So, yesterday, i.e. exactly one month after my post was approved, I got this mail saying that I've got new funds in my paypal account. Guess what, it's 20$ of big fat greens sittin there!

Here's the payment proof:

I'm waiting to get a decent Google pagerank score, then I'll be able to bag some real good opportunities... Good luck to me!

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Lujee said...

Congrats!!! =D Hope you get a lot more in the future.

mantiz said...

hey! nice to see you back.. thanks:)

Trisna said...

Hey Mantiz :)
Wow... i thought pay per post was a phoney... you really got paid by PPP?
well, congrats then, happy to hear it


,.-*'oo'*-.,_Chronicles of Trisna_,.-*'oo'*-.,

The Unemployed Dad. said...

I thought the same pay per post is for real..I'll have to look into that.


mantiz said...

hey trisna,
no, PPP ain't phoney! in fact, most of these paid blogging sites pay. I've been paid afew times by blogsvertise in another blog, So they should all be genuine. Well, good luck and thanks:)

mantiz said...

hey tony,
thanks for dropping by mate! just checked out your blog and i loved it. you blog about alot of topics, kewl:)

Atniz said...


Looks like you have hit your 2 figure online income. I wish you all the best in reaching 3 figure income sooner.

mantiz said...

hey atniz,
funny that our names look similar. Thanks bro, you're right, this is definitely better than my 'Clicking-For-Pennies' days! I'm looking forward to earning more. thanks:)

SolReka said...

Hi Mantiz

Well done, I've just signed up to ppp on the back end of reading your excellent post.

Good luck with your blog, nice design btw

Brighter Energy Solutions

mantiz said...

hey solreka,
thanks mate.. and good luck with PPP! Btw, i read your blog, and LOVED it! brilliant stuff, keep 'em coming:)

Kye said...

Thanks for this post, It imspired me to make a ppp account. I hope I can have the same success as you!

mantiz said...

Glad to hear that.. wish you luck too :)