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Wednesday, July 2

Dearest k750i,
Love you loads!
It’s been roughly two years since our relationship began.
I still remember the day I asked you out of that damp electronics store. Little did I know then that it was the beginning of a date that would last 2 years, and you know, it’s gonna last even more. People had tried to trick me into buying other supposedly ‘Hot’ models, like the obese 6600 and the retarded v3. I consider it my luck that I went for you instead. I love you the way you are, small wonder!
I love all the cool features that you’ve got under your jet black skin. I love the way you make my friends go green with envy (the pricks must have gone for one of your kind when I told them to). I love you for making all those boring college lecture hours so much entertaining. I love it when you let me post to this blog when I don’t have a fucking computer. I love the way you fit nicely into my pocket without making it look like I have a goddamn erection.
In short, I love (almost) everything about you. Of course, you would have realized that when I opted to stick with you even when my bro bought me a spanking new k800i. And you know, I care a lot about you. I mod and patch you like crazy, dress you up in cool little themes everyday, and start getting withdrawal symptoms whenever you’re away from me. So you really got no reason to complain you know!
Stay with me and be my wired friend for life (or I will have you dipped in mayonnaise you prick!) lol.


Kenji said...

THANK YOU FOR DROPPING BY MY SITE. cAN WE EXCHANGE LINKS? I enjoy your entry especially that I have a 2 year baby too, the SE W810i. I already added you to my link, hit me or leave a comment in my shoutbox. thanks.

Kalinae said...

Love the post, it made me smile. It's always nice to start the day off right :)