Things I love - Knotty Words!

Thursday, July 3

I have always loved words. I admire the range of options they provide us to do something.
For instance, when you wanna cry, you can choose whether to sob, whimper, wail or to blubber. You may even "be in tears" or "burst into tears" or even "cry your eyeballs out" in extreme situations!
See what I mean?

Here I post some of my favorite words from the english language. I try to incorporate them into my speaking as often as possible.
Okay okay call it show-off or whatever, but I won't entertain your ornery and ordant platitudes at branding me a panjandrum solely by misjudging my logorrhea!

* abibliophobia - the fear of running out of stuff to read. Great word, but I don't get to use it very often :(

* argle-bargle - not sure what it means, but I manage to include it in my speaking almost everyday.

* blunderbuss - A kind of gun, but I've generalised it so I can use the word everytime I wanna say 'gun'.

* bungee - an elastic chord. I haven't seen bungees, but i think they're the ones you can find in the hem of your underpants..

* canoodling - means alot of huggin' and kissin'. A real cute word methinks.

* conundrum - a confusing problem. you can almost feel the tension when you say it. seriously.

* discombobulated - when your world comes crashing around you, throw your hands up in the air and say, "My life is all discombobulated!"

* flibbertigibbet - means 'nonsense', just like it sounds. another synonym is gobbledygook!

* hullabaloo - definitely better-sounding than 'scandal'.

* imbroglio - you're in an imbroglio when you're caught in a fucked-up situation. I love getting into imbroglios 'cause then I get to say the word!

* osculate - make your love sophisticated, don't just kiss your girlfriend, Osculate her!

* rhinorrhea - cool word, but I still prefer 'runny nose', that sounds funnier!

* scrutiny - This is no new word for us, but I really dig the sound of it. Same goes for 'Gullible'.

* zeitgeist - no idea regarding the meaning. I use it mainly as an insult.

I'm always looking for new words to add to my arsenal. So if you would like to add to this collection of potentially harmless words, you are more than welcome:)


Bikran said...

interesting man .. even i like using new words while i speak .. but i aint as good as u ..

well a word i love the most is VANQUISH .. which means defeat .. overcome LOL .

anyways .. u got a nice blog . and i hope u ll continue this .. and BTW happy college .. all the best for ya studies man ...

mantiz said...

lol thanks mate.. you got an awesome blog too btw :)

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Well if you love words so much and Heavy Metal is probably not part of the school catalog, does this mean you're an English Major?

- Margaret

Lydia said...


Sorry.. But man, scrutiny is a great word. Now I'm going to be chanting it in my head for a while.

mantiz said...


nope, i do an engineering course. we engineers need to use complex words haha!


lol okay that one's my fav at the mo :D

Lola said...

nice words!,
thanks for the kind words on my blog-
Yes, i will post more!


lee2110 said...

lol that was funny!! loveee hullabaloo!! hahaha