Measled Potatoes is being Featured!!

Wednesday, August 20

Finally, some recognition for the tuber! :D

Measled Potatoes is being featured on Weblogian Socialite!
Check it out Here!

They're also giving me free 125x125 advertising space on the Weblogian Blog!

A huge thanks to Weblogian, creater of the Weblogian Socialite. Also, thanks to Achuna, the PR of the socialite. I really appreciate it guys :)

Weblogian Socialite is a social community for bloggers, and one of my favorite haunts. Hop over to this place to get your blog some exposure and to meet some cool bloggers.
So fellow bloggers, go check it out right away ;)

In case you haven't noticed, alot of weird stuff have been going on here lately. Things were getting pushed around, new things were getting checked in, while some others were getting thrown out of the HTML tag.
Well, this commotion is what I call a 'Re-design', and I love making it often ;)

So here are the major changes this time around:

* We've got a Theme Song!

That's right, Measled Potatoes now has a theme song!
I've wanted to have one for some time now, but it was this discussion over at BlogCatalog that really got me going!

So, as usual, the typical brainstorming session followed. I even sought the help of a few friends. I asked them what they thought about my blog, and these were the replies:

"it's upbeat!" - sorry, I'm not into upbeat music :/

"dude it's dirty" - No way I'm gonna have some KidRock track playin in here!

"it's gay" - I'll deal with you later pal ~_~

So I had to not-so-respectfully decline all those suggessions. since no one could help this lonesome blogger out, I decided to help myself.. I analysed the situation:

* I love Heavy Metal * to the core *
* I hate Britney Spears * to the core *
* the song has to be upbeat
* It should be crappy enough to match my writing
* It has to make you laugh, or atleast make you send me a hate mail

...and I chose the only song that could match this criteria.. and so we have the theme song:

Oops I did it again by Children of bodom


* In Love with CSS

Did some experimentation with CSS and I'm starting to completely love it! I've just scratched the surface, but hey I'm really impressed with the things it can do to your pages.. cool!
You may see alot of CSS experimentation here in the near future, be warned!

* Isn't this project Wonderful?

Got the blog signed up at Project Wonderful.
It works like the EntreCard system, except that this is real money involved. See those 'Your Ad Here' spots on the sidebar? They are open for advertising and the price starts at 1c/day! This rate can increase as more ads as queued up, and so it helps bloggers make some greens. I recommend it to all those disgruntled bloggers out there: atleast, Some money is better than No money, right?

* More Widgets

As with every revamp, I put in a few more, just to keep up the tradition.
I especially love the live Traffic widget. Thanks to my friend bladeaxe4 for pointing it out to me;)

So, as usual, please help me out tellin me how this place looks. Yeah I know it looks half-baked, but really, what more could you expect from a guy like me haha

Keep Bloggin' ;)

Aliens through the Ages!

Sunday, August 17

The Alien Encounter that I had a week ago inspired me to delve more into the subject.
So I kinda did some research on alien sightings and abductions, and to my shock, I found out that 99% of the aliens come not from outer space, but from the Hollywood!

Yeah, that's right, the people over at Hollywood have created aliens of all weird types, so if a real alien pays us a visit someday and happens to see them, he'll be really pissed!

Let's take a look at some of the most famous alien superstars hailing from the silver screen:

The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

The aliens in this flick are one peaceful lot, who comes to tell the earthlings that unless they too become a peaceful lot, they will be eliminated (peaceful, &ucking peaceful!)
A remake of this this ancient Black & White movie is scheduled for December 2008, starring Keanu Reaves and Jennifer Conelly. so I suspect there will be some mind-blowing 'action sequences' (*wink), with the aliens pulling off some kickass kung-fu fighting.

Invaders From Mars (1953)

Does this guy make you snort too or is it just me?

Aliens in this movie are Eight-foot tall green men controlled by a little Martian in a glass ball... the typical alien image etched on the back of our minds.

The Island Earth (1955)

Almost an acceptable human, except for this freaky bulge on the forehead. I wonder if a skull-cap could fix that... and umm, a pair of sunglasses... and behold, he's one of us!
Oh look, he's even got space-age boxers!

The Blob (1958)

Oozy, slimy, gooey, making-you-wanna-puke blobs that devour any living thing in their path. This is one of those flicks that made me scared of the television-set in our house back in my childhood.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

Wise, kind entities who only want to make contact with us. Yeah right, they are just geeks.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

People get replaced by simulations grown from plantlike pods. The duplication is done when the humans are sleeping and the doubles thus created share the same looks, build, and memory as the original human. Only, they don't have any love or affection inside. After the duplication is complete, the human bodies disintegrate.. means no one can be trusted, the one sitting next to you may actually be from another planet... what a scary idea! Crappy, but scary still!

E.T (1982)
You surely remember this lovable alien with a fondness for candy, don't ya?

Starship Troopers (1997)

Hmm... what attracted me more than the aliens in this flick was the young and attractive cast.
The movie is set in a futuristic world. Aliens are a hostile species of inerstellar insects rampaging through the galaxy. They even hurl harmless asteroids at the earth (pretty harmless, one of them can just level Buenos Aires). There is alot of gut-busting action with loads of blood and gore - not a pleasant future at all!

War of the Worlds (2005)

I still wonder if the movie was about aliens or about Tom Cruise.
Aliens are large Tripod machines taking over the town and vaporizing things in its path. Some unfortunate souls get imprisoned in metal cages between the legs of the aliens. (It's okay if Wells wants to call them 'Metal Cages'... well, we all have our pet names! ;)

Star Wars (1977 - )

Now this one surely gets you baffled... they got aliens of every colour and shape! From the solemn Jedi Master to the Teddy-ish Ewoks, there is a truckload of 'em in this series.


One among the 1% that comes form outside the Hollywood. British families will surely remember this friendly alien from planet MelMac who kept wondering "What's wrong with these earthlings?"

The Ones That Got Away!

While we were busy scanning the skies for life, there were a few lurking right here on the face of the earth craftily hiding their alien origins.

Here are three of them that deserve a special mention:

1) George W Bush (W for W@nker)

Yeah, we all know it. He's got a pair of antennae tucked away somewhere under those grey hairs.

2) whacko Jacko

I've kept a close watch on this one right from the moment I noticed the ridiculously long nose.
Check out this top-secret image of him that I secretly got smuggled out of Hangar 18:

That surely is extra-terrestrial behaviour.
And the affinity to abduct young earthlings only adds fuel to my doubt.
I'd call him another Body Snatcher, albeit of a different kind!

3) Paris Hilton

What more proof do you need? She is making her point clear, *in your face*
Poor thing, she doesn't know that she is just a fragment of interstellar shit that the earth can very well do without!

...and there are more out there!
Yeah, I know this is a scary idea... but that's the truth my friend. The one sitting next to you might actually be an alien.. your roommate may be one. your boss may be one...

just don't get into trouble checking out people for tails or antennas or whatever... I have enough people complaining that my crappy writing causes more confusion and chaos in an already fucked-up world :/

The Ultimate Mobile Web Browser Shootout!

Saturday, August 16

Not sure what's the logic behind it, but every internet-capable mobile phone comes with a crappy browser built into it by the manufacturer. These browsers are not suitable for surfing anything other than tiny WAP pages that are not much fun.
This problem can be solved, thanks to third-party software. There are a lot of web applications available today that can help you browse large web pages with ease. However, for this to work, your phone must support the installation of third party software (Java or Symbian).
Here we are looking at the most popular Java Web Browsers available for Mobile Phones today. All of them are tested using my Sony Ericsson k750i.

Now, let's look at the options... Many browsers are out there but we concentrate on these three:
Opera mini, TeaShark, UCweb. In that, we'll be looking at two different versions of Opera mini. So, here goes:

First, let's see two browsers that display web pages in full; i.e. just like they appear in a normal desktop browser:

Opera Mini 4

Yeah, this one is the most popular mobile browser today. Like the desktop version of Opera, the mini also looks and runs smoothly on the mobile. It is also the most professional looking among the four browsers discussed here. They support a great range of devices (I have a friend of mine using it on his not-so-spectacular LG C2500, it works flawlessly).
I recommend you to use the version 4.0 since v4.1 is somewhat buggy with a completely useless download manager.

What's good about it:
* You can view web pages in their full glory. There's even support for CSS! I'd use this one for the eye-candy alone!
* Surfing is extremely fast, thanks to the high degree of data compression.. more so than in previous versions.
* Features Opera Link, that lets you sync your bookmarks with a PC.
* Create searches from web pages.
* All the typical browser features : Bookmarks, History, etc. In v4.1 you even get a download/upload manager, support for saving pages, and even an integrated RSS feed reader.

What's not so good:
* If you are on a mobile with limited memory, you will get an 'Out of Memory' error often. The way to prevent this is to surf with images turned off.


Another application that sports full-screen web browsing. It's seen a sudden spike in downloads lately because of the fact that many people were able to get free GPRS internet access using it in some networks.

What's good:
* All the Typical browser features available.
* Ability to select and copy text like you'd do on a computer.
* Bookmarks can be tagged with color, a cool feature that I just loved!

What's not so good:
* Not many features, hence not suitable for a power user.
* In Zoom mode, most of the images don't display.
* Runs out of memory very quickly. This is more common n AJAX pages where the phone gets stuck after loading just one or two pages!

Now, on to the two browsers that don't have the Full view feature. Surprisingly, these are the ones I use most of the time!

Opera mini Mod v2.06

Another reason I love hackers and modders! Look what a bunch of russian modders have done this time: They took the old version of the Mini (v2.0) and literally Pimped it Up! The features built into this mod should leave you drooling right away. Check it out:

* Multiple Windows
* File Manager . it can even play most media formats * right within the browser *
* FTP Manager
* Download Manager - Excellent and Full-Fledged - Supports list dowloading, download history, and much more.
* Backup/Restore Browsing Sessions
* Multi-Clipboard
* Saving and Loading of pages
* Alot of settings and Tweakability, I mean A LOT!
* Color Schemes, adjust, export, or import.
* Shadow Connection prevents the GPRS connection from being cut off.

OMG if I wanted to list all the features, this page wouldn't be enough! You better download it and find out all the cool features yourself.. then you'll understand why I use this one profusely.

What's not so good:
* I couldn't find anything that I hate about this great app. You can even prevent it from running out of memory by clearing the cache and available memory regularly.


Another very good browser, this time from the Chinese. Yeah, it does'nt look too compelling, looks half-baked... but I use this one whenever I'm not on the mini mod.

What's Hot:
* Multiple Windows
* A Really good Download Manager
* Alot of great links they've provided in the homepage itself. Most of them are in Chinese, but most of them are free download links that are just rich in content!
* Extra tools like RSS feed, bookmarks, an Online Hard Disk (yeah), and loads more.

What's Not:
* There's serious problem with the language. Every webpage you visit treats you as a Chinese and serves you with the chinese flavours of the web pages. You'll have a hard time using this with Google products, you will be instantly teleported to Google China!

Well that does for the review.
Now, for some websites, some of these apps are more suited than others. I have been using Internet from mobile phones for five years now, (first on a B/W Nokia 2280, then a colorful LG G1800, then Nokia 6600, finally on a SE k750i, and occasionally on an N70 and an N73), and I gotta say i'm pretty addicted to the internet by now. Let me summarise you on how these nifty little apps continue to help me maintain my Web Presence:

* Just Reading Websites and Blogs - Opera Mini 4
* Commenting on blogs - opera mini mod, UCWeb
* Downloading - Opera mini Mod - hands down!
* Making a Blog post - opara Mini Mod (Reason? Mod let's you type way more than other browsers do, after you cross the 400 letter limit of characters that can be entered onto a text area in a site, simply select more => Next, you can go on typing as much as you want in this fashion!)
* Orkut - Opera Mini 4 - Orkut is fully supported!
* BlogCatalog, Weblogian, etc - UCWeb.
* EntreCard Dropping - Opera Mini Mod.

Do some experimentation and find out what works best for you.

So, the other day, when I told a chat friend of mine that I do almost all my surfing with my mobile phone, she was asking me, "How can One do that without an iPhone?"!
See, this is what most people believe! But I tell you, you don't need a goddamn iPhone to surf the net, it's just a myth!
Just go try these apps out, and watch this space cause I will be writing about more cool apps soon!

Update : Orkut is currently not working with Opera mini 4. There are 2 solutions to this:

* Use TeaShark: It lets you use most parts of Orkut, including communities. If it gets your phone stuck, use it with with images turned off.

* Use UCWeb: You can just check and reply to scraps, because it shows you the mobile version of Orkut.


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CellWare : 100% Free Mobile Content!

Picks from the Blogosphere...

Friday, August 15

I'm in a good mood today so I just wanted to share some links with you guys.
I've been reading alot of blogs lately and I've fallen in love with quite a few of them, some of which I'm sharing in this post. Show 'em some love people :)

Amy Oops
Wanna kill some time? Amy's got her blog filled with loads of funny stuff that will keep you occupied for days. Actually, she's the reason I don't go to StumbleUpon anymore! :D

A very well put together blog, it is about the author's life in Alaska. Go take a look, the aerial view of Alaska in the header itself should elicit a 'Wow!' from you. The beautiful design adds to the eye-candy of this blog.

Crotchety Old Man Yells At Cars - "Standin on the corner, Yellin at cars".
Classic! Fuckin Classic! Da old man has got me hooked to his writing ever since I stumbled upon it one fateful evening. Head over to his den if you're ready to be bombarded with some witty, original humor.
P.S: He's been writing alot about his body parts these days, and I think that's weird... hmm..

Kat's Litter-box
Poke your head in here only if you have some balls... I mean big brass balls! Young Katty has a way with words that many will find.. erm... amusing?! In her own words, you will either love it, or you will hate her very much!

Suburb Queen
Another exceptional blog. I loved the downright funny lists that Jamie has written over there. Check it out people, you'll love it.

Wendy's Reel
Here is one nicely written blog. Read it when you're feeling down, it will surely cheer you up with loads of fun and humor.

Want more? Head over to your friendly neighbourhood at BlogCatalog to find more awesome blogs!

Feeling bored?
I was too... So I sat down and wrote this post.
Hopefully this list will help other prefessional time wasters like me to spend their time more productively.

So, here goes:

Read a Blog.
Or better still, create a blog and start posting bull.

NetDisaster lets you rampage through your least favorite websites. They've got some real juicy attacks like 'Led Zeppelin', 'Nuke', 'Bloody Gun', 'Scribbling Baby', 'Acid Pee', etc. Works great with facebook profile pages, you literally get to puke on someone's face!

Download gay porn, rename it as the latest game or software, and upload it to the major file sharing networks.
And give yourself a big hand cause you're fighting Software Piracy!
(p.s: don't do this on LimeWire, cause, well.. ahem.. I use that one... *shifty eyes)

Look at NASA pictures. Works great if you're at a public place.
Carry a notepad with you and pretend to take notes.

Put your body parts for sale on eBay.
A better idea : Sell advertising space on your cheeks (yes, on all four of them!)

WikiMapia lets you take a virtual stroll around the globe.
Try this one: locate your enemies' houses one by one and label each of them "Public comfort Station".

Do the GoogleWhack!

Search and find old friends at facebook. Then go post crap in their comment walls.
If you remember any scandals about them from your school days, post them too! *in bold lettering*

Easter Eggs are fun! and they are all around us! Find out which Easter Eggs are hiding in your system and have a great time digging them out!

Take a silly test at BlogThings.

Read a random Wikipedia article.

Play BoomShine. Trust me, you'll love it!

Make a crappy video of yourself and upload it on YouTube.

You gotta love these anagrams:

'Axl Rose' = 'Oral Sex'
'Dormitory' = 'Dirty Room'
'Astronomers' = 'Moon Starers'
'George Bush' = 'He Bugs Gore'
'Clint Eastwood' = 'Old West Action'
'Desperation' = 'A Rope ends It'

Check out more cool anagrams or find out the anagrams of your own name at the Internet Anagram Server.

Visit HowStuffWorks and learn a thing or two. It doesn't hurt to work your grey cells once in awhile.

MyHeritage lets you upload a pic of yourself and check which celebrities you resemble the most. In my case it was Kevin Costner who matched the most (67%). (okay, I can live with that).
But I recommended this site to a friend of mine and she got 'paris Hilton' and now she won't talk to me :/

FutureMe lets you write an email to yourself and schedule it to be sent to you at a later date. So go write yourself a letter if you have nothing else to do. Yeah I know, you should be really desperate to do this!

Look for a better job at . You wouldn't be reading all this crap if you weren't jobless.

Ever wanted to be a rockstar? Play the Popmundo RPG. Trust me, it can be real addictive!

Play some Flash Games. They are mostly no-brainers so you can surely pull 'em off! (Yes! Right in your face!! haha!)

play iSketch.

Which is Worse?

"Licking 500 payphones" or "Licking a toilet rim at a gas station"?
"Running out of toilet paper" or "Running out of underwear"?
"Having your teeth pulled out one by one" or "Having your toenails pulled off one by one"?

Spend the day voting on a hundred such thought-provoking issues at WhichIsWorse.

TheMovieSpoiler got movie spoilers!
Yeah, you know what to do: copy it down and text it to your friends right before they go to a premiere.

Learn Hacking from the internet and hack into your boss's computer. Leave him a really Terrifying, Threatening, Blood-Curdling message!
You know, like:
"The PillsBurry DoughBoy Was Here!"

Make a stupid list like this one.

Disclaimer : The information contained in this post is for general information purposes only. In no event will the author be liable for any loss or damage to intellectual or property arising from the information in this page. Please don't tell my name.

Just sharing a cool video I found today on youtube:

Oh no you dirty mind, it's not porn! Watch the video first :D

I'm Back!! *groan

Saturday, August 9

Yup, I knew I couldn't stay away from this place for long.

I'm home now, and the dial-up connection we have here is nothing to brag about.
But what the heck, it's INTERNET!
After being deprived of it for a week now I'm pretty excited and I'm literally shouting out the word like I would in the 90's!

My messed-up foot hasn't gotten much better over the week. I paid my doctor a visit today evening, and he says I'm gonna have to keep to my bed for some more time.
Took another X-ray today and looking at it, the bones appear to have drifted apart a tad more.

Check it out, the 'Golden Boot' as my roommates christened it:

Yes, I'm abit hairy.
No, my toes aren't missing, it's just the weird camera angle.

Doc says I gotta rest for two more weeks... that means,
I'm gonna miss my classes,
gonna miss the exams (not complaining about that one!)
gonna miss the 3-day tour programme that our batch had planned right after the exams... Heck, I'm gonna miss that one very much! :(

By the way, the past week had also given me some pretty good experiences (just tryina be optimistic)...

I've always loved the 'Friday Love Lists' that my blogger friend Sara writes in her blog, so I decided to put mine into one fine lurve list:

Things I'm Loving with my Plastered Foot

* How I get to sleep till 12 am every morning without having a pail of water or whatever emptied over me.

* How I almost made my little cousin jump out of his skin the other day. The guy walked into my room and saw just my plastered foot sticking out from under the covers. He still believes he saw King Tut... atleast the little fucker won't be pestering me for a while!

* It made me very happy to hear that my batchmates were collecting money to buy me something.

Well, that 'something' later turned out to be a wreath!
those pricks! lol
love 'em :)

* Getting to spend some time at my home with my parents.

* Missing the exams ;)

* Getting to spend the whole day in front of a computer. I suspect that by the time my leg heals, I will have lost my eyesight.

* The song "Under a Glass Moon" by Dream Theatre. Yup, it has nothing to do with my foot, but it's so damn good that I had to mention it!

* Missing the exams (deserves a second mention!)

I really don't know how to feel about my broken leg. I really felt pissed about it at first, but the lazy side of me is starting to love it.

Maybe at the end of two weeks I too will have become a potato...
a Couch Potato!

Pretty long post, huh? I think I'm blogging too much about my body parts these days, I fear it will bring down my readership lol

Anyway, you guys have a great day and Blog On! (my favorite phrase at the mo)
I'll just drop back to my bed and try thinking up another crappy post lol.

Just Lying Low...

Tuesday, August 5

Just popping in to say that I won't be writing here for a week or so.

Reason : I broke my leg :(

Yeah, you read that right. Yesterday was the lucky day. Well, I don't remember much, but I do remember trying a hand at soccer.
Now I know i'm not built for soccer... not yet!

I'm bedridden now, and am writing this post from my mobile, which means no pics, no formatting, no eye candy,.. just plain text. When i'm able to get my ass off here and make it to a place with internet access i'll be writing more.

An apology to all my friends over at entrecard, I won't be able to reciprocate your drops for some time. Sorry..

Guess that's all for now, I'm gonna miss blogging for some time. Thanks to my mobile phone, i'll atleast be able to check my mails, read some of my favourite blogs, etc... what would i do without you pal!

Happy blogging friends, Stay healthy, and stay the fuck away from a football if you're built like me :D

An Alien encounter!

Saturday, August 2

What do you think aliens look like?

little green men wearing funky jackets?
oozy slimy blobs?
bipeds/tripeds/mopeds that roamaround shooting death rays?

whacko jacko?

When it comes to aliens, each of us has his own idea about them, blame it on hollywood!
In my case, I always thought they were little green bastards that cruised around in saucers.

But all my convictions went down the drain today when I actually came face to face with an alien itself!

Found this beauty (yeah, i have developed a liking for grotesque things lately..) in our garden today evening.
it must've had a warped childhood, look at it!
The Alien was stationed just outside the window, resting in a sub-terranean chamber.
It surprised me that our rottweiler hadn't gone for it and bitten him to bits. Maybe he'd sensed something too (He's seen his share of hollywood movies to tell an ET from a mere T you know!).
I carefully extracted the alien and took him to my BDSM chambe.., oops., I mean, my underground laboratory. *blush*

I analysed the situation. I had a knocked-out alien in my room, and the world didn't know about it. What should I do next?My mind raced through a zillion sci-fi's and I came up with the answer...

...that's it!
An Alien Autopsy!
and Autopsy is what I did!

I didn't have to worry about anaesthesia, the unfortunate guy had landed right next to our waste dump.
First I had to confirm my suspicions regarding his alien origin. I examined the alien in detail and look what I found growing out its body!


So this gives us two possibilities:

1. It comes from a place where aliens grow antennas. or
2. It comes from a place where aliens don't grow antennas. It is male.

So that confirms my belief that it IS an alien.
Cause I've never known anyone from this planet who grew antennas like that, or someone with that kind of a... okay, nevermind!

The day had been a typical one, meaning that I was bored and jobless,.. so I decided to spend some time studying the alien. I thought about the various uses it could be put to..  trust me, I'm not very bright when it comes to thinking,  so it pissed me off when I couldn't come up with a serious application. ('paperweight' was my personal best).

Anyway, I'm not a complete turd to not realize the potential of the thing lying before me, lemme tell ya. I knew it could make me rich and famous.
People hesitate to spare a homeless guy some change, but they'll pay twice that money to see something grotesque. amirite?

... So I turned over the alien's body to take a closer look, and got the shock of my life!

Damn!! I almost jumped outta my skin! Why do they always have to do that?

And this is friggin' India for christ's sake! I thought they hit the US first. Screw you Hollywood! :@

Anyway, I was not gonna get punk'd by some damn alien right inside my own house! Just no.

- fast forward -

End of another typical day. I'm feeling real drowsy. Maybe I ate too much food for supper.
but then it was all real tasty...

...especially the mashed potatoes!