Feeling bored?
I was too... So I sat down and wrote this post.
Hopefully this list will help other prefessional time wasters like me to spend their time more productively.

So, here goes:

Read a Blog.
Or better still, create a blog and start posting bull.

NetDisaster lets you rampage through your least favorite websites. They've got some real juicy attacks like 'Led Zeppelin', 'Nuke', 'Bloody Gun', 'Scribbling Baby', 'Acid Pee', etc. Works great with facebook profile pages, you literally get to puke on someone's face!

Download gay porn, rename it as the latest game or software, and upload it to the major file sharing networks.
And give yourself a big hand cause you're fighting Software Piracy!
(p.s: don't do this on LimeWire, cause, well.. ahem.. I use that one... *shifty eyes)

Look at NASA pictures. Works great if you're at a public place.
Carry a notepad with you and pretend to take notes.

Put your body parts for sale on eBay.
A better idea : Sell advertising space on your cheeks (yes, on all four of them!)

WikiMapia lets you take a virtual stroll around the globe.
Try this one: locate your enemies' houses one by one and label each of them "Public comfort Station".

Do the GoogleWhack!

Search and find old friends at facebook. Then go post crap in their comment walls.
If you remember any scandals about them from your school days, post them too! *in bold lettering*

Easter Eggs are fun! and they are all around us! Find out which Easter Eggs are hiding in your system and have a great time digging them out!

Take a silly test at BlogThings.

Read a random Wikipedia article.

Play BoomShine. Trust me, you'll love it!

Make a crappy video of yourself and upload it on YouTube.

You gotta love these anagrams:

'Axl Rose' = 'Oral Sex'
'Dormitory' = 'Dirty Room'
'Astronomers' = 'Moon Starers'
'George Bush' = 'He Bugs Gore'
'Clint Eastwood' = 'Old West Action'
'Desperation' = 'A Rope ends It'

Check out more cool anagrams or find out the anagrams of your own name at the Internet Anagram Server.

Visit HowStuffWorks and learn a thing or two. It doesn't hurt to work your grey cells once in awhile.

MyHeritage lets you upload a pic of yourself and check which celebrities you resemble the most. In my case it was Kevin Costner who matched the most (67%). (okay, I can live with that).
But I recommended this site to a friend of mine and she got 'paris Hilton' and now she won't talk to me :/

FutureMe lets you write an email to yourself and schedule it to be sent to you at a later date. So go write yourself a letter if you have nothing else to do. Yeah I know, you should be really desperate to do this!

Look for a better job at monster.com . You wouldn't be reading all this crap if you weren't jobless.

Ever wanted to be a rockstar? Play the Popmundo RPG. Trust me, it can be real addictive!

Play some Flash Games. They are mostly no-brainers so you can surely pull 'em off! (Yes! Right in your face!! haha!)

play iSketch.

Which is Worse?

"Licking 500 payphones" or "Licking a toilet rim at a gas station"?
"Running out of toilet paper" or "Running out of underwear"?
"Having your teeth pulled out one by one" or "Having your toenails pulled off one by one"?

Spend the day voting on a hundred such thought-provoking issues at WhichIsWorse.

TheMovieSpoiler got movie spoilers!
Yeah, you know what to do: copy it down and text it to your friends right before they go to a premiere.

Learn Hacking from the internet and hack into your boss's computer. Leave him a really Terrifying, Threatening, Blood-Curdling message!
You know, like:
"The PillsBurry DoughBoy Was Here!"

Make a stupid list like this one.

Disclaimer : The information contained in this post is for general information purposes only. In no event will the author be liable for any loss or damage to intellectual or property arising from the information in this page. Please don't tell my name.


Bikran said...

Hey mantiz long time yes its be while ...And nice to see your blog getin popular day by day and looks so professional ..
I am bored too thinking to make the list lol.....Interesting list..Have fun and take care

Sneha said...

this list absolutely rocks! i bet i cant think this well when i am bored.
my personal best is the anagram of axl rose :)


mantiz said...

hi bikram,
nice to see you again pal..
thanks n keep blogging :)

mantiz said...

hi sneha,
glad you like it.
yeah, that one on axl rose was killer! (never liked him btw..)
thanks for droppin by:)

Annie said...

wow! you write good boring tips. I can;t afford to be bored. I have a family. Then again, I'll check on these tips.

mantiz said...

aww that's a shame annie :P

13thRandom said...

I must tell you that the list is absolutely a killer. I have been playing on isketch for a long time now and I swear by it.

I am sure you really must have searched hard to find this compilation...Thanks

MaNWorKs said...

it totally rrrocks...Finishe Boomshine 12 levels..tried hard for the last level...score 259....Thnx fr the list man...tiz

Kat said...

Hey Mantiz, glad my blog helped you fullfill the first thing on your list....thanks for visiting and leaving some sh$t in the litter box lol

mantiz said...

@ 13thRandom
ooh that's cool! maybe we have played against each other?
yes, i did do some research for writing this post, but most of it is stuff i already do :D
...(well, except the eBay part!)

mantiz said...

hi ManWorks,
wow man i'll never make it that far... congrats!
glad you liked this shit..
see ya at college pal :)

mantiz said...

hey kat,
you're always welcome. I'll be back to deposit more of 'it' when i feel like 'it' lol

MTSK said...

thx for yr visit and comment
i agree with u, i dont think we should sacrifice our living standard for environment as that is not the ultimate solution for environment degradation after all. Development and Improvement is what we are looking for!

Georgie B said...

Interesting post.

Not sure about the rest of it, but it's always interesting to read something from the younger generation.

Gonna bookmark this for future exploring.

Anonymous said...

Loved the blog! I may have to do some of those some day! :)

Lydia said...

This is very funny stuff! I saw your conversation over at blogcatalog; you really generated a lot of blog offerings. I actually found one in your replies that I liked a lot.
You shouldn't be bored much longer with all those blogs to read and respond to (I didn't list mine as I figured you had enough already.)

mantiz said...

You're always welcome mate.. i loved your blog, i love all bloggers who write for a cause.
keep up the good work:)

mantiz said...

thanks... hope you like the rest of it too.
thanks for dropping by:)

mantiz said...

hey soonergirl,
feel free! but make sure you don't get into trouble lol

mantiz said...

hi lydia,
yes, that post generated alot more offerings than i expected. but that's okay cause i'm pretty jobless most of the time :D
thanks for droppin by, keep bloggin :)

The Love Collective said...

Wow, I like a couple of these. Especially, WhichisWorse and FutureMe. Got any other cool lists you'd like to share?

mantiz said...

hmm.. I'll think of some more and post 'em too.. thinking up these ones took me quite some time...
watch this space! :D

Mike said...

Hello! On my hip-hot-games.blogspot.com blog, mayonnaise is with 2 n's. I had put mayonaise for the answer. Sorry. I had copied it wrong.

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Super ideas. I especially love the NASA image suggestion. WTG!!!


mantiz said...

hey mike,
oh that explains it! i was wondering how i could get both of em right, knew something had to be wrong lol

mantiz said...

hi JJ,
when you get tired of NASA, switch to the stock market! yeah, look at graphs and charts and do some furious tapping on a pocket calculator.. :D

Anonymous said...

Heloooo... (^_^) pardon me to leave an un-related comment here, it's because i need to say sorry for disappointing you with my previous post last week Farewell to COT Readers i was having a major breakdown at that time, but thanks to your motivational comment, i've re-think about leaving my best buddy; you or internet world.

So, I'm back and been missing your blog like hell or any blogosphere news. I know i must catch up and promise will get back to your blog again, do my routine as usual (^_^)... and if you're wondering the reason why i almost left, you can read it in my latest post...


Trisna's last blog post..Guess what? I'm Back!

mantiz said...

You're Back!!!
Wow, you just made my day! Thanks for letting me know, i'm off to your blog now =)

Jose said...

hey Mantiz cool job......i really loved it..... i'll drop in whenever i have time :)

mantiz said...

thanks pal :)
keep those great reviews comin.. I'm waitin to read your take on 'Rock On!!'