Changes, baby!

Wednesday, August 20

In case you haven't noticed, alot of weird stuff have been going on here lately. Things were getting pushed around, new things were getting checked in, while some others were getting thrown out of the HTML tag.
Well, this commotion is what I call a 'Re-design', and I love making it often ;)

So here are the major changes this time around:

* We've got a Theme Song!

That's right, Measled Potatoes now has a theme song!
I've wanted to have one for some time now, but it was this discussion over at BlogCatalog that really got me going!

So, as usual, the typical brainstorming session followed. I even sought the help of a few friends. I asked them what they thought about my blog, and these were the replies:

"it's upbeat!" - sorry, I'm not into upbeat music :/

"dude it's dirty" - No way I'm gonna have some KidRock track playin in here!

"it's gay" - I'll deal with you later pal ~_~

So I had to not-so-respectfully decline all those suggessions. since no one could help this lonesome blogger out, I decided to help myself.. I analysed the situation:

* I love Heavy Metal * to the core *
* I hate Britney Spears * to the core *
* the song has to be upbeat
* It should be crappy enough to match my writing
* It has to make you laugh, or atleast make you send me a hate mail

...and I chose the only song that could match this criteria.. and so we have the theme song:

Oops I did it again by Children of bodom


* In Love with CSS

Did some experimentation with CSS and I'm starting to completely love it! I've just scratched the surface, but hey I'm really impressed with the things it can do to your pages.. cool!
You may see alot of CSS experimentation here in the near future, be warned!

* Isn't this project Wonderful?

Got the blog signed up at Project Wonderful.
It works like the EntreCard system, except that this is real money involved. See those 'Your Ad Here' spots on the sidebar? They are open for advertising and the price starts at 1c/day! This rate can increase as more ads as queued up, and so it helps bloggers make some greens. I recommend it to all those disgruntled bloggers out there: atleast, Some money is better than No money, right?

* More Widgets

As with every revamp, I put in a few more, just to keep up the tradition.
I especially love the live Traffic widget. Thanks to my friend bladeaxe4 for pointing it out to me;)

So, as usual, please help me out tellin me how this place looks. Yeah I know it looks half-baked, but really, what more could you expect from a guy like me haha

Keep Bloggin' ;)


Bikran said...

well the changes in your blog have given it a professional look as i previously said .
well about the song i tried putting some music in mine but my connection seemed to slow for that.
but anyways your blog looks better than before . keep trying new themes and widgets.

mantiz said...


you might find this link useful.. This is a simple MP3 Player code for Blogger, check it out:

and don't worry about the speed because I tested and added it with a slowcoach dial-up connection and it worked ok.. good luck :)

Adam James Nall said...

Rather like the potato art. Nice blog.