I'm Back!! *groan

Saturday, August 9

Yup, I knew I couldn't stay away from this place for long.

I'm home now, and the dial-up connection we have here is nothing to brag about.
But what the heck, it's INTERNET!
After being deprived of it for a week now I'm pretty excited and I'm literally shouting out the word like I would in the 90's!

My messed-up foot hasn't gotten much better over the week. I paid my doctor a visit today evening, and he says I'm gonna have to keep to my bed for some more time.
Took another X-ray today and looking at it, the bones appear to have drifted apart a tad more.

Check it out, the 'Golden Boot' as my roommates christened it:

Yes, I'm abit hairy.
No, my toes aren't missing, it's just the weird camera angle.

Doc says I gotta rest for two more weeks... that means,
I'm gonna miss my classes,
gonna miss the exams (not complaining about that one!)
gonna miss the 3-day tour programme that our batch had planned right after the exams... Heck, I'm gonna miss that one very much! :(

By the way, the past week had also given me some pretty good experiences (just tryina be optimistic)...

I've always loved the 'Friday Love Lists' that my blogger friend Sara writes in her blog, so I decided to put mine into one fine lurve list:

Things I'm Loving with my Plastered Foot

* How I get to sleep till 12 am every morning without having a pail of water or whatever emptied over me.

* How I almost made my little cousin jump out of his skin the other day. The guy walked into my room and saw just my plastered foot sticking out from under the covers. He still believes he saw King Tut... atleast the little fucker won't be pestering me for a while!

* It made me very happy to hear that my batchmates were collecting money to buy me something.

Well, that 'something' later turned out to be a wreath!
those pricks! lol
love 'em :)

* Getting to spend some time at my home with my parents.

* Missing the exams ;)

* Getting to spend the whole day in front of a computer. I suspect that by the time my leg heals, I will have lost my eyesight.

* The song "Under a Glass Moon" by Dream Theatre. Yup, it has nothing to do with my foot, but it's so damn good that I had to mention it!

* Missing the exams (deserves a second mention!)

I really don't know how to feel about my broken leg. I really felt pissed about it at first, but the lazy side of me is starting to love it.

Maybe at the end of two weeks I too will have become a potato...
a Couch Potato!

Pretty long post, huh? I think I'm blogging too much about my body parts these days, I fear it will bring down my readership lol

Anyway, you guys have a great day and Blog On! (my favorite phrase at the mo)
I'll just drop back to my bed and try thinking up another crappy post lol.


Zombie Money said...

ouch! looks painful

Achuna said...

Is that really your leg? Are you still using dial up?

Thanks for being a part of weblogians

mantiz said...

@ zombie money

hey, that's not a zombie-ish thing to say! :P

mantiz said...


yes, most of it lol.

i'm currently on a gprs connection, it's just like dial-up, a slowcoach in effect!
well, my hometown is not very developed, so broadband is still not available in many parts of it. Gotta put up with this for the time-being.

thanks for dropping by... see ya at the weblogian community :)

Sneha said...

hmm.. a broken leg :(
i bet you are glad about the exams. congrats! i haven't had that privilege all my student life

mantiz said...

hi sneha,
you bet! lol.
btw it's still not too late you know :P

RecycleCindy said...

Sorry to hear about your foot. Hope you're doing better soon.

mantiz said...