Just Lying Low...

Tuesday, August 5

Just popping in to say that I won't be writing here for a week or so.

Reason : I broke my leg :(

Yeah, you read that right. Yesterday was the lucky day. Well, I don't remember much, but I do remember trying a hand at soccer.
Now I know i'm not built for soccer... not yet!

I'm bedridden now, and am writing this post from my mobile, which means no pics, no formatting, no eye candy,.. just plain text. When i'm able to get my ass off here and make it to a place with internet access i'll be writing more.

An apology to all my friends over at entrecard, I won't be able to reciprocate your drops for some time. Sorry..

Guess that's all for now, I'm gonna miss blogging for some time. Thanks to my mobile phone, i'll atleast be able to check my mails, read some of my favourite blogs, etc... what would i do without you pal!

Happy blogging friends, Stay healthy, and stay the fuck away from a football if you're built like me :D


Sara Abdel Azim said...

oh my god! So sorry to hear that!!
in arabic we'd say "salamtak".. or wish you have good health.. or wish you get better soon.. or just all phrases under the same theme combined in one word!
well, salamtak!

mantiz said...

thank youu! really hope i get well soon, i'm tired of sittin here doin nothin already :(

Shiva said...

cool blog...
i didnt understood what potatoes got to do with u ...
well its my fav. veg.
Recover soon and start typing with ur leg.
i think i m getting crazy...
thanx 4 commenting @ v.CoL
i have one more blog.
plz visit

Wind Mill said...

Awww mannn! that's not a nice thing to happen.

I am sure you're in good care. Get well soon and don't make any hurried movements.

I broke my leg two years ago so I know what it's like. ;)

Justin Wright said...

I feel bad for you, I hope your leg heals. Luckily, I have never had the experience of breaking a bone, but I better knock on wood...

mantiz said...

hi shiva,
Cheers dude, it's my fave too!
Yeah, you are talkin abit crazy... but don't worry mate, it's just the potatoes lol.

mantiz said...

hey Windmill,
thanks pal... btw this is my first time breaking a leg (last time it was the nose).
blog on buddy ;)

mantiz said...

hi justin,
thanks mate. so you've never broken a bone? wow! I'm of that kind that always break things.. still dont know how I do it. seriously! :D