Measled Potatoes is being Featured!!

Wednesday, August 20

Finally, some recognition for the tuber! :D

Measled Potatoes is being featured on Weblogian Socialite!
Check it out Here!

They're also giving me free 125x125 advertising space on the Weblogian Blog!

A huge thanks to Weblogian, creater of the Weblogian Socialite. Also, thanks to Achuna, the PR of the socialite. I really appreciate it guys :)

Weblogian Socialite is a social community for bloggers, and one of my favorite haunts. Hop over to this place to get your blog some exposure and to meet some cool bloggers.
So fellow bloggers, go check it out right away ;)


Irtiza said...

Sorry but what's Measled Potatoes???

love ur aliens section. carry on friend

mantiz said...

It's an exotic dish invented by me that involves potatoes, manicured toenails, and three freshly sheared sheep.. trust me, it's tempting! ;)

Sara Abdel Azim said...

hehe congrats! that must be so kewl =)

Perry said...

Hey, cool entries! And what a cool name for a blog! Keep it up. congrats!

mantiz said...

@ sara

it sure is:)
P.S : I like your new avatar.

mantiz said...

@ perry

why thank you muse man! and thanks for dropping by:)

firerobin said...

potatoes and toenails ... hmmmmm

fun blog!

blackshilo said...

Fun blog....congratulations on being featured

KAT said...

Congrats on being featured! I really enjoyed your posts. I love to laugh, and laugh I did!

Bikran said...

congrats. Your blog has always been interesting to read . keep it up dude . the dish sounds tempting but toenails hmmm .Anyways congrats once again.

Anonymous said...

Love the blog! It has such an upbeat tone!

Rachel (Che) said...

Congrats on the recognition! :) Keep on writing! :)


Georgie B said...

congrats on the recognition.

next step is getting some of your more wittier posts published.

K. Fields said...

Congrats! And well deserved! They are a awesome bunch of people at Weblogian Socialite!
Keep up the great bloggin'

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