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Friday, August 15

I'm in a good mood today so I just wanted to share some links with you guys.
I've been reading alot of blogs lately and I've fallen in love with quite a few of them, some of which I'm sharing in this post. Show 'em some love people :)

Amy Oops
Wanna kill some time? Amy's got her blog filled with loads of funny stuff that will keep you occupied for days. Actually, she's the reason I don't go to StumbleUpon anymore! :D

A very well put together blog, it is about the author's life in Alaska. Go take a look, the aerial view of Alaska in the header itself should elicit a 'Wow!' from you. The beautiful design adds to the eye-candy of this blog.

Crotchety Old Man Yells At Cars - "Standin on the corner, Yellin at cars".
Classic! Fuckin Classic! Da old man has got me hooked to his writing ever since I stumbled upon it one fateful evening. Head over to his den if you're ready to be bombarded with some witty, original humor.
P.S: He's been writing alot about his body parts these days, and I think that's weird... hmm..

Kat's Litter-box
Poke your head in here only if you have some balls... I mean big brass balls! Young Katty has a way with words that many will find.. erm... amusing?! In her own words, you will either love it, or you will hate her very much!

Suburb Queen
Another exceptional blog. I loved the downright funny lists that Jamie has written over there. Check it out people, you'll love it.

Wendy's Reel
Here is one nicely written blog. Read it when you're feeling down, it will surely cheer you up with loads of fun and humor.

Want more? Head over to your friendly neighbourhood at BlogCatalog to find more awesome blogs!


Da Old Man said...

Thanks for the kind words. Though I do like to mix in bodily functions with weird body parts pictures just to mix things up.

Kat said...

thanks for the love ! Glad to know you enjoy my blog! thanks!

mantiz said...

no problem.. it was a pleasure writing about you two ;D

AmyOops said...

Cool thanks!!

mantiz said...

always welcome! :)

K. Fields said...

Thank-you Mantiz, you have a mighty fine blog yourself! :)