Sex Cartoon!

Monday, August 11

Just sharing a cool video I found today on youtube:

Oh no you dirty mind, it's not porn! Watch the video first :D


Thomas said...

Hahaha, I love that kind of stuff. Hilarious! now I'm trying to figure out what that song was it sounds like the cover of an american song! anyone know?

mantiz said...

No idea about the song but it does sound good :)

Gaolga said...

Yeah is a fun cartoon... :D is a good exam to know if the people has a dirty mind or not hahahaha


mantiz said...

Everytime the guy started on one of his pictures i would be thinking "dude, no way he'll be able to turn this into something nice" lol

Dark Angel said...

I stole the video and posted it on my blog. cool!

mantiz said...

it's okay, i stole it from youtube in the first place ;)