...so said The Verve.

..and that's so so true.. Life's not always sweet. sometimes you can't help feeling that life's a real bitch, she just sucks you dry of all your happiness!

October 19th goes down in my diary as the day I had to take the most bitter bite of all.. This is the day I lost the dearest of my friends, that too at the young age of 20 years..

The guy up there is George Kurien. To me, he was my georgie, one of the best things that had happened to my life. God I wish you had given me a chance to tell him that!

Going abit down the memory lane...

When I joined a new school in eighth grade, there was this guy who always had something up his sleeve. He was one of the popular guys in school back then, and noticing him I couldn't help thinking "OMG, What a prick"! But I was yet to find out what a gem of a guy he really was, and that he would become one of my closest friends in a short time.

Now, he was everything that I ever wanted to be. never spent too much time in front of books, but still he managed to be one of the toppers.
His nickname 'Maximus' was believed to be jinxed. Most of the unfortunate Counter-Strikers in the local gaming joint suffered from shaky-knees-syndrome whenever they saw 'Maximus' on the player list. I gotta thank him for making a decent fragger out of me.
And then there was the music, did i mention he had been my fellow-headbanger ever since I got obsessed with metal?! He never failed to keep in touch even after we had to go seperate ways for our higher studies. Then there were the guitar solos; everytime i learnt a new one, he'd be the first to know despite the distance.

Had his funeral today. and I gotta say I didn't recognize the body that lay there before me at first.. it was more like a shadow of him - his skin blackened cause he spent one whole night underwater, maybe mocking the people who were searching for him, in his usual playful way.. then there's the damage done by people. Damn the one who invented post mortems! why did you have to disfigure my dearest friend?!

I've heard, your entire life flashes before your eyes the moment before you die. I wonder what he must've felt. It might have been all pain for him, water gushing into his body through every pore.. drowning is death in its worst form, I've read somewhere.. why did he have to die that way?

I couldn't bear the sight, yet I stood there looking at him for a long time, cause I'm not gonna be seeing him again for what seems like an eternity! As I finally caught hold of my mind and made my way outside, I couldn't help taking out my rosary, clutching the crucifix and asking "Why?!.. Why the fuck?!!".. Sorry lord if it pained you, but he really didn't deserve this kind of a farewell! sorry..
As memories came crashing into my mind, I couldn't help bursting into tears. a hundred people were watching, but I didn't care.. I don't know if it makes you less of a man when you cry, but I didn't give a flying fuck right then.. all I could feel was a voice telling me from the inside, "Be man enough to cry".. and I still cry when I think of you pal, loved ya to bits!!

My goodbyes mate, your life definitely rocked! Hats off to you for showing the world how to live life! and thanks for all the memories.. You're still alive within us, and I'm sure you'll make people happy wherever you go..
My prayers will always be with you..

your favorite song, back from the days we used to go to school together.

here without you - three doors down

Rest In Peace


sachin said...

hi dear friend,
how r u?
ur blog is really nice...

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thank you dear
take care..

OFF-D-TRACK said...

n i'm sure he too loves you from there...

KAT said...

I am so very sorry for you loss.
My thoughts are with you and your dearest friend.
Take care.

benspak said...

I'm sorry bro..

K. Fields said...

Sometimes I think death is so awful, because of the ones that are left behind.

I am so sorry for your loss. He sounded like a really great guy, and friend, and you did just made a wonderful memorial of him using your blog!

May it be soon that not the loss, but the memories of a great friendship with fun times flood your thoughts, that will bring a smile to your face again.

jb said...

I'm very sorry for your loss. My uncle died unexpectedly on the

Take care,

Bird said...

My first visit to your blog and I find such a sad post. I am so sorry about your friend, he was too young to die.

Prab97 said...

I'm sorry for Georgie...
Well, I can understand your mindstate because I too have lost one of the dearest persons in my life.
But, life goes on... :)