Long time.. No post..

Tuesday, December 16

Now I guess it's time to break the ice!!

Xmas is round the corner and college has closed down. I just wrote the last exam and am gettin ready to leave for my hometown as I am writing this. The fact that I'll be missing my friends here and my college creates a certain pang, but I'm also looking forward to spending all these days at home. There's gonna be lot of sleeping, eating and I even plan to build some muscles this holiday season!

Guess what, it's year ending. So here goes a quick round-up of sorts.. for the ones who missed me ^_^

* Got a haircut.. and it was BAD!! I have been suffering from withdrawal symptoms ever since that fateful day. Trust me, the transition from shoulder-length-hair to no-hair was nerve-wracking!
So I spiked up what was left of my sweet hair and dyed it with burgundy streaks. Cause I HATE lookin like a shaven (p-word).
better be freaky than be dookie!!

* A friend of mine started a blog. She writes some really profound stuff there.. Do check it out when you feel like some inspiration. Show her some love people!

* Guess what, I'm planning to build a website these hols. Yeah, you read that right. I already purchased a domain and a year's hosting from a site called HIOX. Yeah I know it rhymes with HOAX but I trust those guys completely.
About the site, it's gonna be a store. Only, I will be selling other people's stuff.
Also this is gonna be my first attempt at piecing a website together all by myself. So I can assure you, it's gonna be downright ugly. Plus, I've got a terrible colour sense and a fetish for outrageous colour-combinations. So watch this space!
Got my mind fixed on a Flourascent yellow background with red polka dots and Green H1 text. I know, it's tempting, but sorry folks, you'll have to wait till It's completed. It may take a few months to say the least..

I guess that's what all've been happening all these days. Atleast thats all I remember. The rest of the time I was sleeping, eating, or just stoned. University exams were going on, so only there was more time to sleep.

Well I'm gonna (read 'hoping to') post more often here. People had begun to think that I got eaten by bears cause I had disappeared from the internet totally.. But this time, I'm here to stay.. take care peeps :)