What I wanna be in 2009

Tuesday, January 20

They say, "don't make promises you can't keep". Still, every human in the planet has this bad habit of taking a fresh set of new year resolutions every year.

I call it a BAD habit cause first of all you gotta spend loads of time brainstorming to come up with an original new year resolution, you know, one that you can not keep and still get away with it. Remember, you could've spent all that time going out, partying, and gettin wasted.

Unfortunately, by the time you realize this, all the new year celebrations will have ended, and you'll look like the biggest dork in the room if you try anything crazy a week after new year. Good luck.

This year I decided to do it a bit different. This time I came up with a list of all the people i like and want to be like someday.
Gotta say, this was so much more fun than taking resolutions (I usually copy down them resolutions from a classmate). I even invited some friends over to assist me in the job, which ultimately ended up in popping of a few bottles and a hangover that lasted two days...

Anyway, I'm back here now, SOBER, and here's the goddamn lischh..! *hick

Dave Mustaine

Don't know why, but this guy has always been the top one in my list of idols. I soo much want to be like him, okay, him minus the ego..
In case you dont know (which's weird), Dave is the frontman of the band Megadeth. I adore this band cause they're one of the few bands that have stayed true to their roots and played true metal music all along. Also, they are one of the very few who has the balls to criticize all that political crap goin on in the world. "Fuck you UN, this is what's wrong with you!!" - now there's a rebel!
Plus, Mustaine has the coolest hair in the whole planet.
Alright, enough gay talk for one day...

George W Bush (W for Wanker)

I've said this many times, and I'll say that again, I DON'T hate Bush. I just think he's too stupid to be a president.
There are actually two reasons I idolize him:
1. He's incredibly lucky - consider someone goin all the way to become a president with the brains of a nitwit. Now, that's lady lucky all over him!
2. As in "Beer is the reason I get up every morning", "Dodgeball is the reason I want to be like this biggest jerk in America's history". I wanna be a dodgeball superstar just like him!
Not convinced? Check out this amazing video of Bush displaying his dodgeball tactics!


I don't fancy RAP music much, especially these new generation rappers talkin about stupid shit like chromeZZ, grillZZ, how they shitZZ, etcZZ...
Here's an advice, okay, you are cool. Now go sell two of those diamond studded wheelcups of yours and feed two hunger-stricken countries! Wearin diamond all over you, AND bragging about it, when the rest of your country is dying of hunger, is FAR from cool. period.

Now, here's one of the three rappers I've ever liked (the other two being Dr. Dre, and Zack de la Rocha of RATM).
Tupac is one of those old school rappers who actually made real, meaningful RAP music. Call it socially-conscious rapping.. we'd like to see more of it in the scene.

Will Hunting

I know I will never have brains like this guy, but there's still alot of things in common.
I believe I'm like Will Hunting at the beginning of the movie, "a cocky, scared shitless kid", and I wanna be like Will Hunting at the end of the movie, which is pretty much the same, which is cool.
Coouldn't make head or tail of all that? click HERE.

Ace Ventura

The Ace Ventura series had Jim Carrey at his best, no doubt about that! If only I could achieve that degree of craziness, I could be the life of every party (not that I haven't tried to, I just end up blind-drunk and just pass out instead).

Amy Lee

I'd decided against including a female in my list of wannabes, cause then I'd have to grow a great set of... erm.. eyelashes! *innocent
Okay, now here's one woman I've worshipped for a looong time now. She's just adorable, check out those killer eyelashes, the goth look, the flawless voice, and that ability to make a song sound heavy or strangely melancholic at will.
No, I don't wanna be like her, I just wish my girl was like her! :/

That does it for this year's set of resolutions. I decided to post them here cause I have this nice habit of misplacing important stuff. Good thing I've kept these here, else I'd have to write out another set next year :(

College has started again. So there is no time for anything other than normal college activities now. It's a busy schedule this year, with a few new subjects squeezing in between the usual stuff. Here's the scedule (as of today) :

8:30 - 9:30 : Whoa, wait! our classes begin at 8:30! WTF!! most of this hour is spent thinking about this fact and 'cussing' the college authorities.

9:30 - 10:30 : the ceiling fans (with their wind AND noise) make it impossible neither to sleep nor to stay awake. more cussing!

10:30 - 11:30 : people are awake and energetic after the coffee break. So they exercise that excess energy on the surroundings. Some of the greatest music of our era was written in this manner, from our very own last benches.

11:30 - 12:30 : Now that all the energy has worn out, most hit their desks for an early afternoon nap. Others dream about the upcoming lunch-break.

- lunch & afterwards half the class bunks -

1:30 - 2:30 : The MMOG mania has hit our class too. Only, this time it's bluetooth multiplayer gaming between mobiles. There are many playing, no one knows against whom he/she is playing. but this is soon known when someone yells out a warcry and someone else yells out something REALLY offensive.

2:30 - 3:30 : We are one hungry bunch! and we just can't keep our big mouths idle. more f00ding!

3:30 - 4:30 : It seems most of the class are Paintball/Counter-strike fanatics. For now it's battle-time, everyone gets pelted with chalk. An occasional piece strays over to the lecturer and stirrs him awake.

4:30 - WTF! the class has ended and now we gotta head back. More cussing the college authorities for not extending it one more hour!

yeah right, deep down inside we are all kids.. you know, one of those nasty mischevious kids who just need some good spanking! xD

the blog gets his say..

Sunday, January 4

"...Alright, I've been in this job for awhile.. that is, ghostwriting for this jerk, now it's about time I get ma say.. This is the first time in months that I get to poke my measled self o'er the dusty dashboard that I call home. So i better enjoy this while it lasts. hmm..

Now to da actual reason I decided to show up: it's New Year! Everyone seems to be havin fresh new sets of resolutions, even the blogger kid has stopped ordering me around and is working on one of his cheesy posts, you know the kind, right? ;)

Though I love talkin shit about the kid, I actually like him. And I know he loves me the most..., okay, right next to that confounded phone of his...

Alrighty now, I remember the kid calling this blog, that is me, as CRAP! but excuse me, i beg to differ.. While I agree most of me is crap, I'm sure I've also seen some of the ups and downs in the kid's life, and I've helped him get through them.
So I believe I have every goddamn right to make a change in MY theme song. I've trodden the blogosphere enough, and the way I see it, life is made up of bitter and sweet chunks (for you humans. For us, it's just posts and hate-mail, In That Order). So I think a better theme song would be this one that we all love:

BitterSweet Symphony by The Verve

Don't you worry, there will be lots of sweet bits in here to keep you smiling. I will once again be the happy place that I used to be. After all, what would life be without a certain amount of crap, right?! ^_^

Happy New Year folks, and my blogy brothers.. see y'all again sometime :)