Whole Lotta Love..

Monday, February 16

Just a quick post to let some special ones know how much they're loved..
yeah right, it's been awhile since the V-day (D-day for some), but it took me sometime to come back to sanity..
all I can say is, vodka tastes heavenly when mixed with high punch beer! really..

Okay, just know that this is my heart goin out to tell you how special you are to me.. You are my Life!
the girl I loved and lost.. how I wish I had you in my arms, just like old days.. *sigh. thanks for being by my side and for all that love dearie.. love ye..
my sweet mom.. what would I be without her! thanks for raising us up, despite all the things we've been through..
my best friend.. love ya to the bones, mate.. no matter we're in different worlds now.. and i'm sure you love me from up there..
and to all my friends (and you), its because of you people that I keep smiling.. you rock!

better late than never..
my late, frozen valentines day wishes to y'all :-*


thoughts said...

its so cute, the pic. :)