LifeUpdate 2.0

Thursday, April 30

It's been ages since I wrote anything down here, and trust me, I've missed it. I rarely got the chance to sit in front of a computer. and when I did, I'd just stare at this little white square for hours on end before calling it quits and clicking the little x button up there. I remember a time when I used to write here on a daily basis.. ah, the good times!

When I look back on it, the last two months seem kinda hazy, owing to my nicotine cravings and the increasing need to get wasted.. some of those days just reeked of bile. I tried to write a poem, ended up coming up with a one-liner, and on hearing that my room-mate called me a cynic. and i don't blame him..

but I tell ya, I'm not ashamed to be a cynic either. I'd rather be a cynic than be somebody's bitch.
cuz lately, I've been heavily influenced by the music of Megadeth. I don't call them cynics, but I share the same cynical view as them on all that bollocks goin on out there in the name of politics and peace. I call it 'writing music for a reason'.
I suggest that you go and read Megadeth's biography right away, and give a listen to some of their gems, you'll surely get inspired. or atleast break some stuff..!

Now here's another thing that kept me occupied for awhile:

Took me quite awhile cause I was on a slowcoach dial-up connection, but I'm satisfied with the end result.
Been listening to alot of Nirvana lately, so I went for a Grungy look.. I think this's how Cobain's desktop would've looked.

What else did I do with my time..? heck, I don't know!
I slept an aweful lot, and by sleep I mean the full-fledged 'out-cold' kind of sleep.
Got maself some sugar, another entry into my list of addictions..
and though I call it hols, others call it the study leave just before exams., and exams are round the corner. which means I'm fucked, literally.

oh well.. :\