From the WTF file...

Saturday, May 2

This one should go right into the WTF file, cuz my first reaction on seeing it was :
"WTF Were They Thinking?!"

Maybe it reads "Plot for Sale"

...or even "Flat for Sale"..

but WTF is a 'Floot'?!

I googled it and found this:
Full-Lifecycle Object-Oriented Testing (FLOOT)
now, this is gettin' exciting!

and the image search brought me to this:

and eventually to a site which advised me to "Enjoy the site, enjoy Floot and enjoy life!". no thanks, I think I'll stick with my Marijuana, it looks healthier..
The site even lets you order 'Floot' online. So we've got an international tie-up going here it seems..

Another distant possibility that we came up with was "Flute for Sale"
But the meaning of it in our jargon is too profane to be put down here. And as y'all know, profanity is something that's NOT tolerated here... that's Fuckin' certain!

Btw, this pic was shot in our own very cultured and educated city of cochin.. Now, I'm not blaming the ones who wrote this ad, or making fun of them. I just thank them for making my day.. this is Murder!

In the meantime, if you are able to comprehend the meaning of this strange signboard, please let me know.. I'm dying to know..!


jb said...

I was thinking the same thing. i.e. 'Flute for Sale' but they just spelled it wrong. Or, maybe they meant 'Float for Sale', and spelled that wrong. lol If it's a float, I wonder what kind. Can we use it in a parade?? lol


poocha^-.-^ said...

lolz.....wait...more lolz..and roflsss

Bikran said...

lolzzz .. Thats just too funny .. I am laughing my ass off .....

chiguy23 said...

Good stuff, man.

!Jack's Pad humor blog

SIZZLING SWATI said... vocab error...!!! :P

angel from heaven said...

LOLZ Maybe they ment Flat for sale???