Political Rant

Wednesday, June 10

It's not often that I talk about politics., even in real life.

In fact my mentality on politics is what Soulfly had when they wrote this song:

"Back to the Primitive,
Fuck all your Politics!
We've got our lives to live,
the way we want to live!"

uhm.. okay, we needn't go that far and eat raw meat and stuff,.. but I really think some of these politicians have to be dealt with in a very primitive way!

For instance, consider the goings-on in my own state, Kerala, which was so gorgeous that it's been called "God's own Country" for as long as I can remember.

Now, there was this huge scam that surfaced several years ago and involved 375 Crores of big fat money vanishing into thin air.
I dont know much about this scam or the men involved, I wasn't old enough to digest politics when it happened, and now at 21, I'm still not able to digest Kerala politics.
Thing is, one of the accused happens to be the state secretary of the ruling party. Now the case has somehow resurfaced and the Governor naturally ordered a prosecution, to get to the truth of the matter. and trust me, you can't even imagine the turmoil it's caused!

There's been widespread protests, claims about a 'Cooked-up case', and a Government carrying out a war against the Governor.
Even a harthal was observed for a day, to fuck up the common man's life even more.
so tell me, *Does this happen anywhere else in the world?!*

What I'm trying to say is, This Sucks!
The minister in question, I think he should have the balls to let them inquire, and he must prove his innocence in the right manner. if at all he is innocent...

Instead, what's going on now is shameless mud-slinging. It permeates our screens, makes our newspapers boring, and makes YOU look like dorks on the TV screen, though you hardly realize it .

And that's what I hate about the politics here. It's sick, and badly needs a reform. If I were to form a political party, I'd call it The Non-Conformist. I'd get rid of all these stupid traditions, get someone who can actually rule, and make the Finger our symbol, you know which! yeah.. up yours!

You see, this political stuff is actually real boring.. bleak... i think Pulp fiction was even funnier :(

I swear to God I'll never write another political post in here.. never..!