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Sunday, August 16

It's essential that I write here occassionally about Megadeth, for many good reasons:

1. They're the best goddamn metal band in the planet
(and a few other planets as well)

2. Dave Mustaine is God. He's just hated profusely cause he's bluntly honest.

3. Megadeth made me the Metalhead that I am today

4. Megadeth are the best metal band out there
(deserves a second mention!)

When I picked up a copy of 'Rust in Peace' at a friend's place many years ago, little did I know that I was holding one of the greatest metal records of all time in my hands.
The song "Tornado of Souls" off that CD was kind of an eye-opener for me. Really, I didnt appreciate the heavier music much until then, but this one kind of grew on me. I still hld this song responsible for giving me the special powers to fly with my head, and to air guitar like a psycho ;)

Well, now to the actual point of this post..

The new Megadeth album is due this September!

Death Magnetic is the new joke! haha..!

This is gonna be Megadeth's 12th studio album and is titled 'Endgame' and is due on september 15th.

You can get a taste of how the new material is gonna sound by listening to this song that has been out for a while now - HeadCrusher

Listen to it once and you'll know the new record is gonna kick some serious ass. The lyrics speak much for themselves, it's about a torture machine used in the medieval ages.
The first half of the song sounds like good old school thrash metal, and the latter half just screams 'Megadeth'! Everytime I listen to this song, I have this violent urge to headbang like crazy! Dammit Mustaine, you just crushed my head!

Personally, I think this is gonna be Megadeth's best work since 1990's Rust in Peace.

* Metal Hammer's track-by-track review of EndGame

* Dave talks Influences, new Album (Interview) - check out the part about Marty and about the Megadeth Meatloaf ;)

September........ Fucking Come Already!!!


Anonymous said...

CANT FUCKIN WAIT!! \m/ \m/ \m/

mantiz said...

yeah bro totally!


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hey, I dig Death Magnetic.

And I'm glad Dave's not with them anymore. Just think... if he'd stayed, we'd have never gotten to see his real musicality. Or that cool voice of his.

Really, the world is a better place 'cause Dave's in Megadeth. Bring on the new stuff, lead droogie!

mantiz said...


my thoughts exactly.. well, except the part about death magnetic ;D
I like Metallica from the MOP era but the the new stuff is just 'meh' for me.. maybe it's just me :)

btw, i found a link that you may like..


Sorcerer said...

hey..you got an informative blog out here!