Play "Happy Birthday to you" on Guitar

Saturday, October 10

Here's a little something you can do to make someone feel really special on their birthday.
wanted to do this for someone I really prized, but it didn't happen, thanks to my shit life..

anyway, I'm gonna write a simple guide so you can call up someone on their birthday and play this for them even if you aren't a guitar virtuoso..

besides, its a really simple tune.

what you'll need:

* a guitar ( a REAL one, not the one that came free with your cereal box)

* a little credit on your mobile phone

* you should be able sing it without making them hang up (you can croak and they wont even notice cause they'll be listening to the guitar anyway ;)

Ok here's what it looks like:

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to dear name
Happy birthday to you

I've made a Guitar Pro tab of the song, and also a MIDI file so you can hear what it sounds like.
Download them here: Happy Birthday Guitar Chords (mediafire link)

check this link for help with the chords: The open guitar chords

hope this helps :)